Orlistat and Lifestyle Changes

Orlistat is the only drug approved as a pharmacological support for long-term weight control. Due to the fact that Orlistat prevents absorption of fats, does not affect the heart function and has no potential for abuse, it has become a true blockbuster of sales.

Weight loss pills Orlistat act safely. During clinical trials, Orlistat has had potential as Viagra had, but in another medical field. Later, it was revealed that the drug has a great appeal only as a long-term solution of weight loss problems.

Orlistat is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. Even if not to make any extra effort, Orlistat will still block absorption of 30 percent of fats contained in food. For this reason, the drug works best for people who eat too much fat.

Weight loss effect of Orlistat can be significantly reduced if it is the only tool of weight management program. If a goal is to maintain the existing body weight, Orlistat should cope with this without changes in lifestyle

Orlistat combined with a healthy diet and physical activity will help to get rid of excess fat and to reduce cardiometabolic risks. To better understand weight management mechanisms, a concept of “three-legged stool” can be used.

All changes in lifestyle should work in unison.

  1. If to exclude one of the elements from weight loss program or to concentrate only at one of them, this can lead to poor results
  2. Change in mental behavior is also an important aspect to achieve success in weight loss
  3. It is necessary to find a right motivation, support of loved ones or assistance of group psychotherapy
  4. First, it may seem that it is quite difficult to comply with the diet
  5. At this stage of obesity treatment with Orlistat, an important thing is not to overdo it with a change in the daily diet
  6. The person’s body, even an obese one should get the entire range of macro and micronutrients.

Increase in physical activity does not presuppose, though does not prohibit frequent visits to the gym and exhausting hours of jogging. In most cases, it is enough to replace a sedentary lifestyle by a more active one.