Ionamin obesity treatment in teenagers

Ionamin is an appetite suppressant, drug which stimulates weight loss and allows to control hunger. Ionamin medication helps to safely switch on a limited diet and cope with increased physical activity. Therefore this medicine is used for the treatment of obesity in both adult patients and teenagers.

Today teenage obesity statistics shows the increased number of patients with excess weight. According to World Health Organization (WHO), about 42 million of children and teenagers from different countries have body weight that exceeds normal. Herewith, according to teenage obesity statistics, an overwhelming majority of them suffer from obesity in adulthood.

Causes of teenage obesity

  • Caloric foods in unreasonably large
  • Sedentary
  • Irregular diet, in particular consumption of fats and fast carbs before
  • Psychological factors (stress in school and at home).
  • Endocrine diseases and hormonal imbalance, associated with

Consequences of teenage obesity

Having excess weight, teenagers usually have insulin resistance, respiratory failure, deformation of spine, feet, knee-joints, femoral neck and tachycardia. According to teenage obesity statistics, the blood pressure increases in proportion to weight gain. Depending on degree of adiposis, obese teenagers have 4-6 times higher risk of gallstones formation.

Excess weight becomes the reason of early puberty, hormonal changes and thyroid gland dysfunction. Because of this, boys get false gynecomastia, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and girls suffer from menstrual disorders, hypertrichosis and polycystic ovaries.

In addition to physiological issues, teenage obesity provokes some psychological difficulties. Excess pounds lead to depression and hang-ups that are accompanied by lack of interest in learning and social life.

Treatment of teenage obesity

Treatment of teenage obesity requires a complex therapy, which helps to increase energy expenditure and reduce calorie consumption. Therefore it is recommended to move on low-calorie diet and reduce the amounts of food. Along with changed diet plan, it is recommended exercise regularly.

Ionamin diet pills are prescribed in addition to physical stress. Active substance of Ionamin is called Phentermine, which acts in hypothalamus. In this part of the brain “saturation” and “hunger” centers are located. Ionamin medication suppresses the signals of upcoming hunger and stimulates satiety. Thus, Ionamin diet pills provide quick weight loss without physical or emotional discomfort for patient.

Ionamin doses for the treatment of teenage obesity

  • Usually treatment of teenage obesity is started with Ionamin 30mg a
  • If body mass index is over 35, then starting dose of Ionamin should be 40mg per
  • Teenage obesity treatment course with Ionamin lasts 1-3
  • Maintenance dose for the treatment of teenage obesity is 15mg a
  • Maintenance dose regimen for Ionamin 30mg may vary, depending on the clinical response.
  • Ionamin diet pills are prescribed for a single intake in the
  • Ionamin is recommended for the treatment of obesity in teenagers, aged 16 years and.

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