Obesity phobia in anorexia nervosa

Obesity Phobia

Overweight or obesity phobia is the main cause of eating disorder. This phobia is mostly typical for young women of 14-24 years old. A constant desire to become slim is usually seen in people with body weight deficiency.

For most patients with anorexia nervosa, the fear of becoming obese is never based on real factors. Actually, these people have never had obesity or even excess weight. But the truth is that fear of becoming obese is getting stronger as the BMI decreases.

Uncontrolled desire to be slim can distort the self-esteem and cause real health problems. According to statistics, anorexia nervosa is rarely observed in families where at least one member is overweight or obese.

Often, patients suffering from eating disorder consider their body or some parts of their body extremely large and ugly. Special attention is focused on hips, buttocks, breast and abdomen. A distorted self-esteem accepts these parts of the body as very large even if a person loses weight.

Actually, the self-esteem of many people is based on their body shape and weight. If these people notice their BMI increases, they are ashamed of it as a rule. The slim body helps them get rid of fear and embarrassment and makes them feel perfect.

Patients with obesity phobia often deny the need for medical or psychiatric intervention. In a severe anorexia nervosa, these people usually accept the need for weight gain, but they have no desire to take a step forward to achieve this goal.

Mass media usually misrepresent the real picture about normal body shape of a person. Fashion models, celebrities and sportsmen mostly promote a distorted image of beauty and healthy body.