What you should not eat when losing weight

If you want to maintain a good shape or decide to lose a couple of extra pounds, take seriously making up your diet and choosing food products.

It is known the fact that some food not only harms the body, but also leads to excess weight. Consequently, consumption of such products will not help you to achieve the intended goal, but even will make it impossible.

This article will tell you what not to eat to lose weight, and what products to refuse from, so that not to harm your body. In addition, it will also be useful for those who simply lead a healthy lifestyle.

Exclude from your diet

In everyday life, people consume too much sugar. It has no any benefit – an empty carbohydrate, without valuable vitamins, trace elements and proteins. Sugar is excellently absorbed by the body, so fat deposits are quickly accumulated. Refuse from consumption of ready-sweetened juices. Use different types of good tea with pieces of fruits, high-quality coffee, and consume them without adding “sweet poison”. You will get used to the natural taste of your favorite drinks after a week or two.

It is unfair to say that potatoes are harmful, but it is true that people gain weight consuming this vegetable. This is because of the increased content of starch in potatoes, which leads to weight gain. If it is difficult for you to refuse completely from this product, leave it in your diet, but in minimal quantity and only in baked or boiled form.

Fast food

These include the entire range of fast food, sold in McDonald’s and in other similar restaurants. Such food disrupts the normal balance of hormones responsible for feeling full. Fast food is high-calorie and contains harmful trans fats leading to extra pounds. A portion of such meal corresponds to the daily diet of a person wishing to lose weight that is already the reason to exclude fast food from the diet.

Crackers and chips

Chips contain all sorts of chemicals, including sodium glutamate, which enhance the potato taste, make it crunchy, but significantly harm your body.

Do not use milk products with a long shelf life

Sausage products: any type of sausages. These products practically do not contain meat, but are full of taste enhancers and carrageenan. Perhaps, such products are tasty, but are harmful since contain many artificial dyes.

Different sauces, ketchups, bouillon cubes and condiments

Many of them contain harmful food additive – sodium glutamate. Therefore, it is much better to cook ketchup or sauce at home. So, you can be sure of quality of the product ingredients.

Confectionery: cakes, eclairs, muffins containing harmful trans fats are the main enemy in fighting against excess weight.


Few people imagine their lives without this popular sauce, but it has long been proven that mayonnaise is the main enemy in struggling against extra pounds. Refrain from this product. Use soy sauce or olive oil as salad dressing.


There is no need to deny usefulness of nuts for the whole body. However, they contain a huge amount of fat, so if you use them daily then process of weight loss slows down or stops at all.

All these products are harmful not only for your figure, but also for your health. Therefore, before you buy a product in a super market, carefully study its composition and you will see how natural it is.

Tips Get rid of the following thoughts:

№ 1: “The reason for my overweight is excessive consumption of” unnecessary “food.”
There are many other reasons, for example you lead a sedentary lifestyle, move little, and take hormonal drugs. Deficiency of vitamins, lack of sleep, frequent snacks, emotional eating, enjoying food while watching a movie also may cause extra pounds.

№ 2: “I definitely will not gain extra pounds eating just one piece! I can eat something sweet”.
You will not gain weight eating one piece of something delicious! However, you can have many such thoughts throughout the day. This means that pieces of “goodies” can be much more.

№ 3: “If I’m on a diet, then I do not need to go in for sports or go to the gym!”
Physical activity is a huge “plus” by means of which you will make your figure perfect and will improve your health.

№ 4: “If I have such body constitution, then I cannot even dream of losing weight!”
Do not think this way; do not give up!