Regardless of age, the problems with the brain work may sooner or later relate to everyone.

Frequent fatigue, memory impairment, confusion – these problems are familiar to many of us.

Fortunately, you may buy Nootropil – a tool that will allow you to not only build, but also improve the efficiency of the brain.

What is Nootropil

Nootropil is the name of the drug, which first began to be used for improving the mental capacities of the brain.

It was developed in 1963 based on Piracetam, but first appeared for sale almost ten years later in Belgium.

Today, Nootropil and all Piracetam-based products are known as “racetams”.

This class of drugs has a mild stimulant (but not irritating) impact on the brain, making it work harder and more productively.

The main difference of Nootropil from the psychostimulants lies in the fact that it does not have a pronounced stimulating effect.

The drug does not inhibit the nervous system and causes no drowsiness and lethargy.

Who may use Nootropil

  • children from the first year of life for solving nervous system impairments;
  • pupils and students to improve the ability of memorizing the material;
  • mental and intellectual workers to improve concentration;
  • older people to address the first signs of memory problems.

Active ingredient of Nootropil

Piracetam, the active ingredient of Nootropil, is a derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

This acid is acting as a brake for a variety of psychological disorders.

When taking Nootropil, you may forget about such problems, as stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Yet, the elimination of psychological problems is not enough to improve the performance of the brain.

Other effects of Nootropil

Nootropil, except for eliminating stress, improves the energy supply of brain with beneficial micro-elements, the main of which is the glucose.

Nootropil promotes blood flow into the brain, but it does not dilate the blood vessels.

Yet, these are not all the effects of Nootropil.

Brain work is often disrupted due to the lack of oxygen, exposure to toxins or electro-therapy (in patients with heart problems).

Nootropil not only protects the neurons from destruction, but also restores the lost neuronal connections.