Nolvadex (tamoxifen) is one of SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators). Such substances work through binding to estrogen receptors and not letting the estrogen attach to the same extent, as it usually does. Thus, they eliminate possible action of estrogen. This does not mean that they will not allow your body produce estrogen completely, so you will have just enough of it left to maintain a good health condition. Before its popularity in bodybuilding, Nolvadex was invented as a medication for breast cancer. In the blood of a cancer patient, who uses Nolvadex, the level of free estrogen is lower, so it does not cause a faster cancer development. When it was tested, Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) has proven to be capable of lowering the cancer spread rate, as well as stopping it at times. When it comes to Nolvadex uses in bodybuilding, and namely male athletes, it provides similar action, i.e. does not allow excessive estrogen cause any possible unpleasant body reactions.

When is Nolvadex used in bodybuilding

You will not find a lot of male athletes, who use Nolvadex 10mg as part of their steroids cycle. As a rule, this hormone comes at the stage as PCT.

Nolvadex is a great tool, which helps bodybuilders:

  • Avoid the development of side effects, caused by excessive estrogen that results from the use of anabolic steroids
  • Help their body restart the natural production of testosterone at a normal rate within a shorter time.

Action mechanism of Nolvadex

Before you buy Nolvadex for sale online, you need to understand why you should include something like this substance in your PCT. Keep in mind that the use of any testosterone derivatives, i.e. anabolic steroids, suppresses your natural ability of the body to produce sufficient amount of testosterone, if any at all. This happens due to the fact that the steroids you take make your body believe that it has a sufficient amount of testosterone and no longer needs to produce it. When you stop your steroid cycle, Nolvadex makes your body produce more of two hormones, which are essential for both men and women when it comes to their sexual health and reproduction.

As you know, testosterone plays and important role in sexual functions of men. Therefore, the ability of Nolvadex 10 mg to boost the reproduction-specific hormones makes the make body return to its normal rate of testosterone production. And this is another clear reason for any male athlete to use this hormone when they finish their steroids cycle. Otherwise, the risk having all the unpleasant reactions that come from low testosterone.

Nolvadex as part of cycle

One of the most unpleasant reactions of the male body to excessive estrogen content in the blood is gynecomastia, i.e. enlargement of breasts. Unfortunately, this side effect of anabolic steroids is real, and you have to do something to prevent it every time that you run a steroid cycle. It is clear that you will violate the perfect ratio of testosterone production vs estrogen production as you get closer to finishing the steroids cycle. As you already know, Nolvadex 10 mg does not allow the estrogen level go excessively high and increases your testosterone levels. However, preventing the excessive estrogen levels in the body can be achieved by other means, and namely Aromatase inhibitors. These will prevent excessive testosterone from converting into estrogen, thus helping avoid estrogen-induced side effects during the cycle.

Why exactly should you buy Nolvadex, if you fear of Gynecomastia?

If the term gynecomastia does not tell you anything, keep in mind that it is a condition, in which men notice their breasts getting larger and resemble in form female breasts. This can manifest because of certain illnesses or when male athletes use steroids to enhance their performance, boost strength or lose some weight. Unfortunately, it is not a rare side effect of steroids, so it is useful to know how to avoid it. It manifests because an enzyme (aromatase) turns testosterone into estrogen. In its turn, excessive estrogen is guilty for the unexpected “accessorizing”, along with further inability of the body to make sufficient or any testosterone at all after the end of the cycle. So, since a correctly chosen Nolvadex dosage is capable of fixing both problems, and this is why so many people involved in bodybuilding are looking for Nolvadex for sale.

What Nolvadex dosage to choose to avoid gynecomastia

So, your decision is to take Nolvadex for PCT to avoid the unwelcome side effects of excessive estrogen when you finish your steroids cycle. Depending on your individual sensitivity to the effects of extra estrogen, you may need to run a 4-week or a 6-week PCT. If you are more sensitive, choose the longer option and adjust the dose every two weeks.

Here’s what your PCT would look like:

Week 1-2

  • 40 mg per day.

Week 3-4

  • 20 mg per day.

Week 4-6

  • 10 mg per day.

If you’re lucky and not really noticing any worrisome signs, you can stick to the shorter version of PCT with Nolvadex, and stop after you finish week 4 (maintain the dosing schedule of week 1-2 and week 3-4 from the table above).

Choosing between Nolvadex and Aromatase inhibitors during a steroid cycle

If you can’t make a choice between these two, check out the table below, and see what issues these two options can help you solve. Make the decision based on your individual issues, and enjoy a pleasant ride with the steroids without having to suffer from the unpleasant reactions.


  • Nolvadex (any other SERM, as well)
  • Aromatase inhibitors*.
Unpleasant reaction that it solves

  • Predisposition to gynecomastia High lipids level
  • Gastrointestinal problems Feeling severely tired Undesired weight increase.

* Keep in mind that AIs are not the best choice if you have any issues with your lipids levels, so better opt for a SERM, if this is the case.

Nolvadex cycle: how much, how long

Depending on your decision on when to take Nolvadex, during or after a steroid cycle, you will have to adjust the dosing schedule of this SERM depending on your choice. For a PCT with Nolvadex schedule, check out the table above, in the section “What Nolvadex dosage to choose to avoid gynecomastia”. As for Nolvadex use during a steroid cycle, you can choose between taking it every day or every other day at a dose of 10 mg or 20 mg, correspondingly. Never forget that your body response to steroids, the estrogen-induced side effects and the action of Nolvadex differ from person to person. So, if your friend or trainer, or someone else considers the use of Nolvadex on cycle unnecessary, it does not mean that you should follow his advice blindly. Check out your personal reactions and make the best decision.


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