Neuro Pep 12

Neuro Pep 12 is a dietary supplement, which is produced from Cerebrolysin (neurotrophic, peptidergic compound).

Neuro Pep 12 has a potent neuroprotective effect, due to which it positively influences the cognitive performance.

What does Neuro Pep 12 do

Nootropic Neuro Pep 12 protects nerve cells from the effects of oxygen free radicals and promotes:

  • concentration improvement
  • intensification of the mental activity process
  • improvement of information memorization and reproducing.

If the brain is overloaded, and you have to proceed with intense mental work, you may rely on the brain booster Neuro Pep 12.

Neuro Pep 12 will not only stimulate the thinking processes, but will also improve your mood and create positive emotions.

A large number of studies confirm the positive effect of Neuro Pep 12 on the brain activity.

Mechanism of action of Neuro Pep 12

The operation of the brain enhancer Neuro Pep 12 is based on several mechanisms:

  • metabolic regulation (improves intracellular protein synthesis in the brain)
  • neuroprotective effect (protects brain neurons from the harmful effects of free radicals)
  • functional neuromodulation (exerts a positive effect on cognitive functions).

Neuro Pep 12 is a component of some brain supplements, such as nootropic supplements Cebria and MemoProve.

The activating effects of Neuro Pep 12 were confirmed by clinical studies.

Studies have shown that regular use of the brain booster Neuro Pep 12 in elderly people significantly improves memory, ability to concentrate and other cognitive functions in just 4 weeks.

You may buy the cognitive enhancer based on Neuro Pep 12 from the official representatives or on Amazon.

Regular use of Neuro Pep 12 will enable you to think and memorize things a lot more quickly.