Neupan (Oxiracetam)

Neupan is the trade name of Oxiracetam, which is one of the most powerful cognitive enhancers from the racetams group.

Neupan is supplied to the Italian market by the pharmaceutical company Novartis, headquartered in Switzerland.

Uses of Neupan

Neupan is considered the most effective nootropic today, and is characterized by low toxicity and extremely rare adverse effects.

This nootropic is produced in oral and injectable forms.

Neupan tablets are used to improve brain function and cognitive abilities.

Neupan dosage forms available

They are available in two dosages:

  • Neupan 400mg
  • Neupan 800mg.

The injectable form of Neupan is used intramuscularly and only in those cases where it is impossible to use the oral forms of this nootropic.

Mechanism of Neupan (Oxiracetam) action

The mechanism of Neupan (Oxiracetam) action is not fully known.

However, it is believed that this smart drug increases blood flow, and with it, the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Due to this effect, Neupan quickly:

  • Improves the perception of information
  • Consolidates memory and increases concentration
  • Improves energy metabolism in the brain and its integrative activities.

Neupan dosing regimen

The recommended Neupan dose for improving the cognitive abilities ranges from 400 to 1600 mg per day (1-4 tablets of Neupan 400).

Despite the fact that Neupan (Oxiracetam) is a relatively safe cognitive enhancer, we should not forget that it has a powerful stimulating effect and may cause unwanted effects when used in high doses (more than 200 mg per day).

To avoid the side effects of Neupan, you should adhere to the recommended dosing regimen and follow the recommendations for use.

Neupan is a potent nootropic, but at the moment its sale is stopped.