Myths and Truth About Weight Loss

We lose weight by long-known rules. But are they good for everyone?

After the New Year’s gastronomic debauchery, all the girls try to lose the weight they gained. We collected the most common promises that we give ourselves in an attempt to lose weight, and asked authoritative experts to confirm or deny the benefit of following these “seven commandments”.

Drink More Wather

The main thing is to reason intelligently to the word “more”. If you drink too much water, it will wash away the beneficial substances from your body.

In general, though, it is a great idea. It will help you control your hunger and speed up your metabolism.

The norm is calculated individually:

  • an average of 30 ml of water per kilogram of weight per day.

It is important to remember that this is simple non-carbonated water, not the mineral water! Drink preferably in small portions (100 ml) throughout the day. Reduce water consumption after seven in the evening, so as not to provoke swelling.

Another trick is to replace a snack with water. People often confuse hunger and thirst. Water with lemon dulls the desire to chew something.

Give Up Meat

It all depends on how much and what meat you ate before. If you had a fat steak every evening for dinner and now replace it with a salad, the result, naturally, will not keep you waiting.

If, however, you were following the rules of classical dietetics, and eat a portion of lean meat (150 g) twice a week and now give it up, no one can guarantee a fast or effective weight loss.

Besides, you can lose iron and some B vitamins. The main thing is to buy lean meat. Contrary to popular belief, it can even be pork. The main thing is to choose a tenderloin without fat and cook it on a grill, and not in a frying pan.

Refusal of meat is absolutely not necessary.

If you suddenly decided to become a vegetarian, it is important to add to your weight loss diet products that contain protein, like:

  • eggs
  • cottage cheese
  • buckwheat
  • beans
  • asparagus.

Count Calories

This does make sense. True, however, is that not only the quantity is important, but also the quality of calories consumed:

  • your body does care, if you eat two chocolates “worth” 1200 kcal or a plate of vegetables and fish, which will also amount to 1200 kcal.

Therefore, if you already have a calculator in your hands, count not only calories, but also the proteins-fats-carbohydrates ratio. The optimal proportion for those, who exercise regularly and want to lose weight is 30-20-50%.

Another dietitian warns that even though this is true, it is also a very treacherous method. Do you know exactly how many calories a day you need? Do you have the possibility to calculate the calorie content of each serving? It is difficult to count calories on your own, and there is a great risk of making mistakes in calculations.

Develop A Nutrition Schedule

This commandment is a logical continuation of the previous one, and experts accept it unconditionally.

Start a food diary, where you will write down in detail what, how much and when you ate.

This will allow you to track how your body reacts to certain products.

Advanced users and fans of gadgets use mobile applications instead of a diary, like:

  • FatSecret
  • DiaLife
  • Fat Alien Pro.

If you find it difficult to develop an optimal weight loss diet, go to special sites. You can make a diet not only based on the balanced ratio of proteins-fats-carbohydrates, but even on the need for vitamins: the program analyzes the user-defined dishes and produces the result.

Do Not Eat After Six PM

This classic thesis is definitely senseless and ruthless. You may avoid consuming any food after six, five, or even after three in the afternoon. However, if you ate more calories than you spent before that time, your weight will increase.

Moreover, prolonged fasting (and if you do not eat after six, then the next meal you have is at best in 12 hours) drives your body into stress and prompts it to convulsively store the supplies.

Yes, it is effective. Yes, you will lose weight. But long intervals between meals slow the metabolic processes: this means that your weight will return very quickly.

“The famous” yo-yo effect “is triggered: fasting inevitably ends with a food caving in, after which the person again “does not eat after six”. With each cycle of starvation and weight loss, we lose are muscles and gain fat. We should eat two or three hours before bedtime. So “do not eat after six” works only if you go to bed at nine in the evening,.

Eat Often And In Small Portions

A wonderful postulate of classical dietary science. Exchange processes are accelerated, including through digestion. The organism sees that the energy comes constantly, and does not store anything “for a rainy day”.

Two snacks during the day between the main meals and a snack at night – perfect. It is in the mode of split meals that the metabolic rate is accelerated, which allows achieving better results.

Refuse Carbohydrates

Let’s recall the basics:

  1. Carbohydrates are simple (sugar, rolls) and complex (porridge).
  2. For a healthy functioning of the body, 60% of calories in the diet should be allocated for carbohydrates, yet only 10% of them should be simple.

This is the only way that our body receives the energy. Therefore, giving up carbohydrates for a long time is harmful. However, replacement of simple carbohydrates with complex ones is very likely to lead to weight loss.

Protein diets are nourishing and effective, yet they are not safe. During the transformation of proteins into carbohydrates, a large amount of uric acid is formed, which is deposited:

  • in the form of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder,
  • in the form of salts in the joints.

So you will lose weight, of course, but get at best constipation, and at worst – stones.

Small Tips On Achieving Faster Weight Loss Results

Determine, whether the kilograms that you want to get rid of are indeed extra kilos. If you suffer from anorexia nervosa, better consult a therapist. Argue with a friend that you will lose certain amount of kilograms by a certain date. If you fail to keep the promise, you will pay for a few workouts for yourself and your friend.

Turn every meal into a ritual, a time-consuming, power-expending thing. Serve the table, serve the dishes, try to dine and have supper in a pleasant company. Make yourself a curious hobby. Let it seem stupid to someone at first glance. The main thing is that it makes you hands busy, when they are reaching out for food.

You can learn to:

  • knit
  • draw
  • embroider.