Nowadays, modafinil is available under different brand names, such as Alertec and Provigil, but Modavigil is sold in New Zealand and Australia.

Other alternatives to this medication include Adderall, Armodafinil and Adrafinil.

Interested in trying Modavigil? Then you should learn that it’s a wakefulness-boosting stimulant that contains modafinil as its active ingredient.

Modavigil as a Smart Drug

As a patient, you need to understand that this medication can’t be called this way in a classic sense because it doesn’t affect your cognitive abilities directly, including learning capacity and memory. However, the intake of Modavigil can help you boost mental performance as its secondary effect.

The benefits associated with this drug allow many patients to stay alert, fresh and focused even if they need to work or study for long hours. For example, one of the greatest effects of Modavigil is an improved ability to concentrate.

It belongs to a group of meds called eugeroics that provide patients with a wakeful and alert state that feels natural, but the best part is that this medication doesn’t cause any addiction or dependency, unlike many other psychostimulants.

Basically, Modavigil was created to treat such medical conditions as narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea, but its intake is also beneficial for shift-workers who have certain sleep disruptions because of their unusual working hours. Don’t forget about its ability to eliminate fatigue and boost productivity, as these effects make it quite popular among many users.

There are many students, workers and other groups of patients who report positive effects of Modavigil. For example, it proves to be quite effective when helping them to focus, get through complicated projects, etc.

Keep in mind that its exact mechanism of action on your brain is not fully known, but there are certain indications that this medication works on different brain processes associated with production of such hormones as dopamine, GABA and histamine.

Modavigil Benefits

When it comes to nootropic purposes, its use provides you with a boosted ability to concentrate and focus on any task that must be completed. Besides, this medicine is widely known for its executive function in the brain that allows it to control different planning and attention-switching processes. Another great thing is that all distractions will be mentally muffled, thus, allowing you to start and complete a number of projects that require your full alertness.

Modavigil also affects sleep response system of the brain, thus, letting you feel alert and awake while also reducing your mental fatigue. Its intake can help you alleviate excessive stress and sluggishness associated with jet lags. Take it if you want to overcome your desire to procrastinate and eliminate brain fogginess.

Right Dosage

This medication is available in the form of pills that come in 100 mg and 200 mg strengths, and you can build tolerance over time, so be sure to take the lowest dosage possible.

Most doctors prescribe 1-2 doses taken every day for those patients who have sleep disorders. Take into account that half-life of Modavigil is around twelve hours, so don’t take your regular dose late in the evening.

Non-Prescription Alternatives

The same researchers who created this medication also designed an earlier version of Adrafinil. The latter one doesn’t require any prescription, and it comes as regular tablets and powder, but its prolonged use may damage your liver.