Modapro is an Indian version of Modafinil manufactured by Cipla.

What is this drug all about? Some consumers think that it’s just a generic formula of this famous drug, but they are wrong. It’s a knock-off alternative produced in India, sold by many off-shore pharmacies, and you can buy it if you have got a prescription.

Benefits of Taking Modapro

Modapro is designed as an effective treatment for those patients who have sleep disorders, narcolepsy and other similar diseases. It’s available as 100 mg pills, and this medication affects the internal sleep response system of your brain, thus, creating the state of wakefulness and preventing episodes of unexpected sleep. What are other benefits offered?

  • Clears brain fog and allows you to stay focused for longer.
  • Feeling more motivated while boosting your memory, alertness and energy levels.
  • Contains safe and effective nootropic components.
  • Improves your mental performance, attentiveness and mood.
  • It’s a great cognitive enhancer.
  • Improves your mental clarity while helping you eliminate anxiety and stress.
  • Boosts your new-task learning and memory abilities.

Modapro vs. Modafinil

You should understand that both medications work by creating the natural feeling of being awake and alert. However, the pharmacological profile of Modapro is quite different from other famous stimulants, including Ritalin. That’s why its intake is less likely to lead to agitation and addiction, and there are many patients who claim that this medicine feels cleaner and smoother if compared to other known psychostimulants.

Another important fact is that many clinical studies and trials prove that Modapro generates the same positive effects as Modafinil and produces the same smell in urine. In general, its both adverse and positive effects seem to mimic the ones produced by Modafinil, and Modapro seems to be dependent on your brain chemistry too.

Indications for Use

If you’re a smart drug user, keep in mind that Modapro is taken to boost your focus, wakefulness and productivity. For example, some patients decide to use this medicine to extend their working hours without feeling exhausted.

How to Buy This Medicine

Its active ingredient is modafinil, and this means that it’s a prescription drug available in many countries. As a patient, you shouldn’t buy Modapro without a doctor’s prescription and make sure that you deal with reputable pharmacies.

Existing Alternatives

First, find out more about Adrafinil, a non-prescription medication that is available in both powder and capsule forms. It’s a precursor of Modapro, but the main difference is that you can buy it without a prescription. However, Adrafinil depends on your liver for its conversion, and this means that its prolonged use may damage this important body organ.

Modapro Side Effects

If you observe such adverse effects as back pain, anxiety, abdominal pain, abnormal thirst and unusual liver function tests and others, you need to contact your physician at once. The good news is that these side effects are rare and mild.

Possible Drug Interactions

Take into account that salt and drug interactions may either decrease or increase the effects of Modapro on your body when taking together. That’s why you shouldn’t combine this medication with any alcoholic beverages, ciclosporin, aminoglutethimides, carbamazepine and azole antifungals. Otherwise, you risk ending up with insufficient results of your treatment and some unwanted adverse effects.