Modafinil Brands

Now Available to Everyone

Modafinil, an exclusive medication that produces desirable effects, has become top treatment for sleeping disorders. Forget about agitation, irritation and anxiety during the medication course. The innovative medication promotes wakefulness, improves sleeping, enhances mood and helps a patient keep energetic, active and full of life even in the most complicated situations.

Besides, the medication has gained the popularity of a smart drug that boosts mental and psychological functions, improving memory, concentration, alertness and other features. Additionally, many athletes use Modafinil treatment course to enhance their physical performance. Modafinil can also be taken in other cases, not mentioned in the information leaflet.

Since the medication affects the chemicals produced in the brain, it manages to stimulate them and the functions they are responsible for. In this respect Modafinil is potent to treat excess sleepiness, caused by such disorders, as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work disorders, daytime sleeping and others.

Preferable and desirable effects of the medication predetermined its high popularity among the most diverse social groups. Famous businessmen, superstars, housewives, workers, students and other people started looking for a unique solution of their problems.

As the medication has multiple variations and alternatives, both prescription and generic, dozens of people select non-prescription Modafinil on the Internet. However, a multitude of medicine counterparts influenced the expansion of unlicensed, low-quality, cheap Modafinil drugs. Nevertheless, if you wish to receive a top-quality, effective and safe Modafinil or its dependable substitute, you need to learn its brand names and opt for the ones you know.

Brand Names of Modafinil and Countries They Are Popular In

Considering such a great diversity of Modafinil alternative names, it is rather difficult to learn which one is licensed, safe and effective and which one is low-quality and even harmful for health. Thus, the general decision of Modafinil developers was to make its quality brand variants prescription, sold only after doctor’s consultations.

Such dependable substances are commonly available in Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia. In these countries the treatment is offered under the brand name of Modafinil. In addition, there are numerous unlicensed versions of the medication, traditionally manufactured by Indian pharmacists and medical professionals.

Such Modafinil counterparts are also reliable and safe for intake. These medications became spread worldwide, with some brands being approved and others regarded as low-quality and useless.

The full classification of Modafinil is extremely complicated and difficult to investigate, though below you will see a full list of Modafinil brand names with countries they are available in:

  • Alertec – Canada and Ecuador
  • Apo-Mofafinil – Canada
  • BravaMax – Egypt, Morocco
  • Carim – El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Ecuador,
  • Mentix – Chile
  • Modafil – India
  • Modafinil – international name
  • Modafy – generic variant
  • Modalert – India
  • Modalert 200 – generic variant
  • Modapro – India
  • Modasomil – Switzerland, Australia
  • Modatec – generic variant
  • Modavigil – New Zealand, Australia
  • Modiodal – Mexico, Spain, France, Philippines, Denmark, Iceland, Cyprus, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, Iran, Norway
  • Modiwake – Turkey
  • Modvigil – generic variant
  • Provake – India
  • Provigil – Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Chile, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Finland, South Africa
  • Resotyl – Chile
  • Stavigile – Brazil
  • SpierX – generic variant
  • Vigia – Colombia
  • Vigil – Germany
  • Vigicer – Argentina
  • Zalux – Chile.

In general, brand names of Modafinil are fully safe and can be taken by any patient after doctor’s approval. However, it is important to be cautious with generic alternatives, available at online pharmacies. Opt for Modafinil variants from time-tested, trustworthy and approved online drugstores if you wish to make the treatment course safe and effective, producing no side effects and other complications.

Legal Status of Modafinil

According to the contemporary law concerning medications, Modafinil is classified as prescription medication that belongs to a group of Schedule IV controlled substances. The federal law of the USA claims the import of the medicine illegal, except of the one made by DEA-registered importer.

However, contrary to the US, other countries have other rules, and Modafinil has a different status there. Residents of the USA cannot buy more than 50 dosage sets of Modafinil, though they can be used for off-label purposes, surely if recommended by the doctor. Cephalon, formerly the biggest Modafinil manufacturer, was reprimanded in 2002 due to false and misleading materials used.

Despite a prevailing number of countries where Modafinil is regarded to be a prescription medication, there are a few places where this treatment is a non-controlled substance. They include:

  • The United Kingdom;
  • Canada;
  • Mexico;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Germany.

In some of these countries prescription is still required for Modafinil purchase, though the drug is not registered in the List of Controlled Substances. The medication intake is banned in the sporting world, since Modafinil is considered to be a doping agent, promoting boosted performance, force and endurance.

Selecting from a Variety of Modafinil Brands

In fact, Modafinil, irrespective of its name, form, manufacturer or distributor, contains the same active components and other ingredients. The only difference between prescription and generic variants is usually hidden in its quality. It is much easier to sell low-quality generic Modafinil online rather than its prescription counterpart. Besides, price plays not the last role while selecting the medication.