Modafinil Alternatives

Medications to Improve Sleep

Considering the contemporary situation, it is possible to claim that the vast majority of adolescents and adults have diverse health problems, with sleeping disorders being the most frequent. Excessive sleepiness is commonly caused by numerous diseases and health complications, such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work sleep problems and others. The good news here is that the condition is easily treated. The only thing required is selecting the proper medication.

Modafinil is a revolutionary drug that promotes wakefulness, stimulates improved brain operations and speeds up the desirable effect. The treatment course affects the work of the chemicals produced in the brain, balancing their amounts and actions.

Thus, Modafinil manages to impact multiple vital body features: it increases endurance, boosts physical and psychological functions, performance, makes the patient alert, concentrated and attentive. Besides, despite the drastic effect the medication produces on the brain, it is fully safe for the general health if taken right.

Surely, no other medication or natural supplement can substitute Modafinil completely, though there are a few medicines potent to fulfill one or couple of its functions. Adrafinil, Phenylpiracetam, Sulbutiamine and Piracetam are the most popular Modafinil alternatives.

Effective and Powerful Modafinil Counterparts

Despite the incomparable complex effect Modafinil produces on the organism, the medication can be substituted by a few other drugs, treating numerous conditions:

  • Adrafinil has recently appeared on the pharmaceutical market and gained the popularity rather fast. The medication is appreciated for its mild stimulating effect that does not resemble the action of a typical energy booster. Besides, Adrafinil increases the ability of the body to fight weariness and fatigue without causing hyperactivity. The treatment course features a gentle effect on the organism with striking results. Additionally, Adrafinil is frequently recommended for athletes to improve performance, strength and endurance. The stimulating action of the medicine helps sportsmen work harder and longer achieving better results. Comparing Adrafinil with Modafinil, it is vital to say that the drugs are very similar and produce the same potent effect. Both medications are created for battling weariness, improving memory capacity, focus and concentration. The only significant difference is that Modafinil serves a prescription medication only, while Adrafinil can be purchased without doctor’s recommendation.
  • Phenylpiracetam belongs to a group of nootropics that stimulate a powerful effect on the brain and its function. The medication is considered to produce the strongest impact on the organism, from a range of its counterparts. The treatment course has become popular due to its ability to boost inevitable mental and psychological functions and improve physical performance. It is an ideal medication for those, striving to sharpen their minds and enjoy mental longevity and fitness. Affecting the brain chemicals in a specific way, Phenylpiracetam improves memory, learning capacity and cognitive ability, allows patients to keep calm and reserved in stressful situations and increases physical performance, stamina and endurance. Selecting from Phenylpiracetam and Modafinil, concern their key functions and effects. Opt for Phenylpiracetam if you wish to become just more concentrated and alert and choose Modafinil if you also need a boosted wakefulness.
  • Sulbutiamine serves a potent nootropic that features cognitive enhancing function. The medication is approved to cross the blood barrier in the brain, affecting neurons that are responsible for memory, attention, mood and movements. Thus, the treatment course may improve multiple physical and psychological processes, stimulate energy production, help battle strength and endurance loss, as well as increase the stamina and other important functions. The main effect of Sulbutiamine is produced on mental processes, such as cognition and memory, so it is a perfect treatment for those striving to boost concentration, memory, alertness, etc. Unlike Modafinil, Sulbutiamine doesn’t promote wakefulness and never treats symptoms of sleep disorders.
  • Piracetam (UK) is also an innovative nootropic, though it works differently than the majority of similar drugs. The medication does not produce a striking stimulating or sedative effect, though it is reported to influence the brain, promoting desirable results. Piracetam is appreciated and required due to its ability to increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain, providing boosted creativity, improved learning and memory retention, better cognitive impairment, balanced mental processes, etc. Taking into consideration its similarities with Modafinil, it is necessary to single out a positive impact on the brain and mental processes. However, Piracetam cannot manage sleeping disorders and other related symptoms.

Provigil Alternatives for ADD/ADHD

It is a well-known fact that an increasing number of people, especially children suffer from such devastating conditions, as ADD and ADHD. Being a universal treatment, Provigil (with Modafinil as an active component) can improve these problems, too. However, a number of recent researches resulted in potent Provigil substitutes with the similar action:

  • Adderall is approved to be a potent medication that treats diverse cognitive impairments, including ADD and ADHD. The drug is approved by FDA and is sold as a prescription medication. Adderall promotes a mental state of tranquility and calmness allowing a patient to concentrate and focus on the task.
  • Ritalin is another great Provigil alternative that produces a powerful psycho stimulating effect, especially useful for users with ADD and ADHD. The medication balances the brain chemicals, producing vital improvements in concentration and alertness. Additionally, Ritalin is claimed to provide patients with enhanced cognitive abilities, concentration and a sense of control.

Natural Modafinil Alternatives

Apart from a great variety of medications, pharmaceutical supplements and other drugs, there are multiple natural ingredients that guarantee effects similar to the ones achieved with Modafinil:

  • Caffeine is, probably, the most well-known and widely spread natural component that helps people stay awake for longer. The component stimulates the brain functioning, remaining energized and active for longer.
  • Gotu Kola/Centella asiatica is another great herbal supplement that is used for multiple purposes with the most demanded being the treatment of depression, anxiety, psychical and mental disorders. Besides, just like Modafinil, the component increases memory and improves intelligence.
  • Country Mallow/Sida cordifolia is used as a potent stimulant and tonic that also boosts multiple body functions. The supplement influences both mental and physical abilities of the patient, improving his/her concentration and boosting endurance.

Modafinil Vs. Alternatives

When looking for an effective wakefulness medication you will definitely come across multiple quality, safe and productive drugs that are potent to improve sleep disorders.

However, selecting the one can be a rather complicated task, since each of them has its own peculiarities, pros and cons. At this point, the comparison of available medications is the best solution.

Modafinil – Leader among Wakefulness Agents

Modafinil is an approved and time-tested treatment of numerous sleep problems, including narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorders and other complications.

The medicine belongs to a group of nootropics that affect the central nervous system and chemicals produced in the brain. Having such a strong impact on vital body functions, Modafinil also improves concentration, alertness, attention, different cognitive processes and psychological functions.

Additionally, the drug is widely used among athletes to boost endurance and stimulate physical performance, as well as ability to stay awake and work out longer.

Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is classified as Schedule IV controlled substance that is under thorough inspection and cannot be bought without prescription. Thus, despite the fact this treatment is ultimately effective and useful, it is quite difficult to access it, and not everyone can afford it.

There is also generic Modafinil offered at much more reasonable and competitive price. The treatment can even be purchased at online pharmacies. However, it is important to remember about possible risks of low-quality generic Modafinil sold on the Internet.

Before doing online shopping for this nootropic, learn a full list of its brand names and investigate the most reliable and trustworthy manufacturers that distribute high-quality and safe Modafinil.

Modafinil or Its Counterpart: What Is the Best Solution for You?

While a customer has no opportunity to get prescription for Modafinil, cannot afford it or has other reasons to search for alternatives, he/she will surely find a number of other drugs that produce a similar action.

Each medication has its strong and weak points, so you can easily compare them and select the variant that would suit your condition the best. Among the most popular and known Modafinil alternatives are the following:

  • Adrafinil is a rather quality Provigil substitute that actually serves its prodrug. So, if a consumer cannot receive doctor’s prescription, he/she can easily opt for Adrafinil and experience approximately the same results. In fact, this treatment was created before Modafinil, but the liver toxicity it can cause was the crucial reason for further investigations and creation of a safer medication. Adrafinil should not be administered on continuous base, only occasionally, when a patient is in need of an extra boost. The most beneficial point of this remedy is its cost, as it is significantly lower than Modafinil.
  • Noopept and Modafinil have the reputation of top drugs in their pharmaceutical group and they are frequently combined for a better effect. However, the medications also have numerous differences. Noopept is appreciated mainly for its productivity boosting and cognition enhancing features. Besides, the drug improves focus, memory, concentration and learning ability, while Modafinil affects energy and alertness levels more. Besides, Noopept is rather cost-effective and can be bought without extra effort.
  • Armodafinil is preferred by patients who are in search of cognitive enhancement. Though one Armodafinil dose is considered to produce only half Modafinil effect, it is directed in the only sphere – cognition. Customers who take this treatment are reported to experience increased memory, concentration and focus.
  • Dexamphetamine is the ultimate drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment. The additional function of the medication is improvement of sleep disorders. Dexamphetamine affects the central nervous system and brain chemicals just like Modafinil, though its action is focused mainly on behavior and attention span.
  • Nuvigil, as well as Modafinil, is an effective treatment of ADHD, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and other related issues. Besides, both medications provide durable mental and physical strength and endurance, as well as improved functionality of the brain performance and psychical features. The essential difference between Nuvigil and Modafinil are in their prices, side effects, effects and dosages.
  • Concerta. The main difference between Concerta and Modafinil is in the action they produce and the legal status of the drugs. While Modafinil is approved as a sleep disorder treatment, Concerta is regarded to be ADHD medication and a reliable medication for other cognitive impairments.