Methylin is one of today’s nootropic drugs, which has been successfully used for activating a productive mental activity and improving memory in children and adults.

Use the modern nootropic Methylin for improving the thinking processes and increasing the rate of information perception.

Methylin is most often recommended to pupils or students in the course of intensive learning, which requires constant attention.

The development of educational programs requires high mental alertness, attentiveness and perseverance from children.

Being under the conditions of constant mental work tension, children are often exposed to nervous stress, which leads to cognitive impairment.

What does Methylin do

Methylin nootropic has a positive effect on the central nervous system and promotes:

  • recovery of nervous system
  • removal of mental overstrain
  • activation of metabolic processes in the brain tissue.

However, it should be recognized that adults, including the elderly, are also affected with the decline of cognitive functions.

To safely and quickly improve alertness and memory, enhance brain resistance to mental stress, use Methylin.

It is believed that many aspects of our lives are connected with the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, including the intellectual aspect.

As the American Scientists studies have shown, a low level of dopamine has a negative impact on the emotional and mental health.

Lack of dopamine may lead to fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

People find it hard to concentrate on tasks or on a conversation with someone.

He stops enjoying the activities that previously were pleasant and delightful for him. Moreover, the reduced level of dopamine is often associated with depression.

If you notice deterioration in the memorizing and focusing ability, if you often feel irritated and in a bad mood, do not put up with it. Use Methylin.

Methylin will effectively increase dopamine levels and improve cognitive abilities, since its mechanism of action is based on the blockage of dopamine reuptake into the presynaptic neuron.

How does Methylin work?

Due to its pronounced nootropic action, Methylin promotes:

  • increase of concentration (attention span)
  • improvement of metabolic processes in the brain
  • enhancement of intellectual capacity and memory.

Methylin dosages available for sale

If you have never used Methylin before, then you should know that this nootropic was approved by the FDA in 2000, and the right for its supply in the US belong to the biopharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt, supplying the drug in:

  • 5mg/5ml; 10mg/5ml oral solution
  • 2.5 mg; 5mg; 10mg chewable tablets
  • 10mg; 20mg extended release tablets.

Efficacy and safety of the cognitive enhancer Methylin have been proven in multiple clinical trials.

Methylin is currently approved for use as a drug for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults.

If you need to safely and reliably improve memory and attention, to activate the brain during mental stress, choose Methylin nootropic.