Metermine and Phentermine

Phentermine is an international nonproprietary name (INN) of a pharmaceutical substance.

Phentermine is an active substance, which is found in most of up-to-date weight loss pills.

Nowadays (2014), Phentermine is found in the weight loss pills in two forms:

  • Phentermine Hydrochloride – shorter acting.
  • Phentermine as resins – extended release.


Metermine is an original trade name of the weight loss pills, containing Phentermine. Metermine is produced by iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia). Metermine is capsules, containing the active substance Phentermine as resins and several other ingredients.


Metermine weight loss pills can be bought at pharmacies of Australia. Metermine is prescription diet pills that are only available for those patients, who were diagnosed obesity. Usually, Metermine is prescribed to those patients, whose BMI is over 30 and who have no cardiovascular and mental diseases.


At Australian pharmacies, you can buy Metermine in different doses:

  • Metermine 15 mg (grey and green capsules).
  • Metermine 30 mg (grey and reddish-brown capsules).
  • Metermine 40 mg (grey and orange capsules).


Australia is one of the few countries, where Metermine 40 mg dose is officially permitted. Duromine is an analogue of Metermine weight loss pills, available in New Zealand. Duromine 40 mg dosage officially exists, but it cannot be prescribed to obese patients in New Zealand.

There are several weight loss pills, containing Phentermine (e.g. Suprenza and Adipex) in the USA. These medications contain Phentermine Hydrochloride of shorter acting. A maximal daily dose of Suprenza or Adipex is 37.5 mg. The dose 37.5 mg is equal to 30 mg of Phentermine base.

In Australia, obesity has reached epidemic levels. Maybe that is why Metermine 40 mg is permitted for obesity treatment. In addition, obese Australians can take Metermine in minimal doses from the age of 12. Although in most countries, slimming pills containing Phentermine are permitted for patients over 16 years old only.


Phentermine and its analogues are one of the few slimming pills that have been used for obesity treatment for over 50 years. These slimming pills have proven themselves as good weight loss medicine, though they can cause some negative consequences.


The biggest problem of Metermine (Phentermine) is that they can provoke a great increase in the blood pressure and heart rate of a patient. Cardiovascular disorders are often found in obese patients, and thus they need to take Metermine pills with caution.


Metermine weight loss pills (Phentermine) by its pharmacological effect is very similar to Amphetamine. In a long-term use or a self-change of the dose, Metermine may cause physical or psychological dependence.

Despite the potential adverse reactions, scientists believe that the benefit from using Metermine is much higher than the potential risks. Patients, taking Metermine can lose weight and change their lifestyle for real!

While using Metermine, a patient can lose 5-15% of the body mass. Perhaps a patient will not get a perfect body shape by means of Metermine, but the change of BMI can greatly reduce the cardiometabolic risks.