Metermine vs Meridia

Metermine and Meridia are the names of anti-obesity rugs, available for sale only by a prescription. Both these drugs are produced in form of capsules for oral use.

  • Metermine capsules contain active ingredient, called Phentermine.
  • Meridia capsules contain active ingredient, called Sibutramine.

Just as Metermine, Meridia drug suppresses the appetite and helps keep a healthy diet.

However, the mechanism of action of these drugs is different, although Meridia and Metermine provide the same therapeutic effect.

  • Metermine acts mostly in noradrenergic and dopaminergic nervous system.
  • Meridia acts mostly in serotoninergic nervous system.


Recommended frequency of use of Meridia and Metermine capsules – 1 time per day.

  • Maximum daily dose of Metermine (Phentermine) is 40 mg.
  • Maximum daily dose of Meridia (Sibutramine) is 15mg.


As well as Metermine, Meridia may cause some cardiovascular side effects. Due to a high risk of cardiovascular pathologies, Meridia capsules were withdrawn from pharmaceutical markets of different countries. Metermine advantages surpass the potential cardiovascular risks. Thus, Metermine capsules are still available for retail sale.

Most contraindications and side effects of Metermine are similar to Meridia contraindications and side effects. If you want to get more information on Meridia or Metermine weight loss drugs, ask your questions please using your email.

If you decide to buy Metermine or Meridia online, but have never taken these drugs, you must be aware that:

  • Metermine can cause drug dependence
  • Meridia can cause serotonin syndrome.

Because of dangerous psychiatric side effects, Meridia and Metermine capsules should be sold only by a prescription.


  • Metermine is a well-known brand in Australia and some countries in Asia-Pacific region. In Australia, Metermine capsules are prescribed to patients with BMI 25 and higher.
  • Meridia is a very popular brand in the USA, Canada and some countries in Eastern Europe. In the USA, Meridia capsules are prescribed to patients with BMI 25 and higher.