Manufacturer and supplier of Metermine


Metermine diet pills are produced by iNova.

This pharmaceutical company hold a leading position on Australian market of weight loss products. In addition to Metermine, iNova produces Duromine pills that contain Phentermine anorexic substance, just like Metermine.

  • Metermine 15mg pill is an equivalent to Ddd 15mg pill.
  • Metermine 30mg pill is equal to Ddd 30mg pill
  • Metermine 40mg pill is an equivalent to Ddd 40mg pill.

iNova is not just a manufacturer of Metermine, but also an exclusive supplier of these diet pills to the international market. Metermine pills have been available at Australian pharmacies since 2004.

iNova is the only rightholder or Metermine and Duromine brands, but not the only international supplier of diet pills, containing Phentermine controlled substance.

Weight loss drugs containing Phentermine are produced by several dozens of biopharmaceutical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

Therefore, Metermine price on the international market is influenced by a competition between Phentermine drug manufacturers.

If Metermine pills are very expensive in your town, try to find cheaper diet pills that contain Phentermine at pharmacies. Probably these diet pills are sold under the original brand names (e.g. Adipex) or a generic name – Phentermine (Phentermine Hydrochloride).