Metermine Dosage

Metermine is sold in form of capsules of equal size and shape, containing different amount of active substance Phentermine as a resin. Metermine dosage may differ: 15mg, 30mg and 40mg.

Metermine dosage is prescribed to patients according to their age, severity of obesity and common state. Do not change the dosage on your own! If a prescribed dosage does not suppress the appetite, you should consult a doctor.

Only the doctor can change the dosage of Metermine several times during anti-obesity therapy. When using Metermine, some capsules a patient cannot use anymore can remain (for example, 40mg).

To avoid confusion, Metermine manufacturer – iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) produces Metermine capsules of different color, depending on the dosage.

15 mg

  • Metermine 15mg – the shell consists of two halves of grey and green color.

30 mg

  • Metermine 30mg – the shell consists of two halves of grey and reddish-brown color.

40 mg

  • Metermine 40mg – the shell consists of two halves of grey and orange color.

Moreover, for people who cannot recognize colors, each capsule has a clear imprint indicating the dosage.


Metermine 15mg is a minimal daily dose, prescribed to patients with obesity. Usually, Metermine 15mg is prescribed to:

  • Young people of 12 to 18 years old.
  • Patients with comorbidities.
  • Elderly patients.

It is believed that Metermine 15mg reduces the appetite not very effectively. However, for the listed categories of patients this dose is quite enough to lose weight and fight obesity. Besides, Metermine 15mg is a dose, which causes side effects less often.


Metermine 30mg is the dosage, which is administered to overweight patients most often. It happens because Metermine 30mg can effectively reduce the appetite without causing too much side effects.


Metermine 40mg capsules contain the largest amount of the active substance Phentermine. Metermine 40mg suppress the appetite maximally, meaning this is the most effective dosage to fight obesity.

Please note that Metermine 40mg is a maximal dose that can be taken per day. Metermine 40mg can cause negative effect on the heart work and nervous system, therefore this dosage is never prescribed to patients with cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders.


Metermine weight loss capsules are designed for an oral use. Do not chew or break the Metermine capsule, regardless of the dosage. It is recommended to take Metermine capsules in the morning with plenty of water. Please note that you must not take more than one capsule per day.

If you want to become slim and improve your metabolism rapidly by means of Metermine capsules, but you don’t know what Metermine dosage is the most effective for you, then before purchasing Metermine weight loss capsules ask a qualified pharmacist any questions you have. Buy Metermine capsules online right now and get another pack of these weight loss capsules for free!