Alternative to Metermine

Metermine is a powerful appetite suppressant, which can be used for obesity therapy no more than three months.

If you did not lose the body weight within this period, you should replace Metermine by some other weight loss medication.

As an alternative to Metermine, people can use Sibutramine. This medication is used for a long-term weight loss therapy, lasting up to two years.

In North American countries, Sibutramine was better known under the trade name Meridia, but in European countries (e.g. the UK) – under the trade name Sibutril.

The advantage of Sibutramine is that it does not cause drug dependence unlike Metermine. But due to a high risk of irreversible cardiovascular pathologies, Sibutramine is recommended for the treatment of obesity in patients with cardiovascular risk factors.

The sale of Sibutramine was stopped in dozens countries because of cardiovascular side effects. Here are few countries where Sibutramine diet pills are still available: Brazil, Peru and Argentina.

As an alternative to Metermine, people can use medications of other pharmacological groups (Sibutramine), as well as of group to which Metermine belongs.

Metermine belongs to the group of amphetamine derivatives. The same group includes such medications as Mazindol, Diethylpropion, Benzphetamine and Phendimetrazine.

On the North American pharmaceutical market, these weight loss medications are better known under the original trademarks.

The most popular trademark of:

  • Mazindol pills is Mazanor
  • Diethylpropion pills is Tenuate
  • Benzphetamine pills is Didrex.

Phendimetrazine pills is Bontril

The same as Metermine, all the listed drugs reduce the appetite and help to keep a hypocaloric diet. Metermine pills can be replaced by any of the listed drugs, if a patient:

  • Developed tolerance to anorexigenic effect of Phentermine (the active ingredient of Metermine pills)
  • Was diagnosed hypersensitivity to Phentermine anorexigenic agent
  • As an alternative to Metermine, patients can use both the prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills. You can get an objective and trustworthy information about the most popular OTC diet pills in the USA by phone or email.