Men’s ABS Diet Makes The Women’s Dreams Come True

If a man ever thinks about the need to lose weight, it is likely to happen at the moment of his struggle with the trouser belt, which seems to be getting shorter and shorter. It is no secret that women’s ideas about the beauties include six-pack abs in the number of mandatory items.

Specifically to satisfy the secret and overt dreams of the representatives of the strong and weak gender, the ABS diet was developed. It was created by a man, so the diet works quickly, precisely and does not allow even a hint of hunger.

Author of the ABS diet offers men to recall the time when they were teenagers, and a flat stomach was just as natural for them as a good mood during a school break change and permanent love for all the neighbors at the same time. Getting back to these times doesn’t require so much. You just have to get yourself used to regular physical activity and learn the list of a dozen of products, required for stomach slimming.

Basics Of The Men’s ABS Diet

  • Duration: 6 weeks;
  • Features: Specially designed for men;
  • Cost: medium to high, depending on the choice of products;
  • Result: minus 6 kg in the abdominal area and adjacent areas;
  • Recommended frequency: not regulated;
  • Additional effect: designed for slimming the stomach and forming defined abs;

Not suitable for people with: diseases of gastrointestinal system, heart, since the effect is reduced in the absence of sports load. In intolerance to lactose and gluten, as well as in vegetarian preferences, you should consider replacing some items in the menu. Consult with your doctor before you begin dieting!

History Of The ABS Diet

Author of the ABS diet for Men – David (Dave) Zinchenko – an American with Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian roots. Since the beginning of the nineties, Dave, who was born in 1969, wrote texts about sports, health and nutrition for the largest overseas professional publications.

In 2005, he summed up his professional experience and published a book Abdomen Perfecto, where he first formulated the principles of the new ABS-diet for men.

Dave accurately calculated the main men’s aspiration:

The point of beauty and confidence among the stronger sex is located in the abs area!

The plan designed by Dave aims to help men lose excess belly and through healthy eating and and exercising to get the cherished six-pack.

Name of the ABS Diet for men contains a play on words. According to the author, it has coded the main useful products for a flat, muscular stomach:

Name of the ABS Diet for men contains a play on words.

According to the author, it has encoded the main useful products for a flat, muscular stomach:

  • almonds
  • beans (legumes)
  • spinach.

However, a set of physical exercises for working out on the abdominal and the surrounding areas is also known as ABS exercises, which is deciphered as:

  • Abdominal
  • Back
  • Spine.

The writer’s and researcher’s talents of Dave Zinchenko did not exhaust on the men’s diet for abs. He focuses on educational work and, from his position, is struggling with the main scourge of modern American population, the obesity.

For example, David has released a series of “manuals in survival” for visitors of supermarkets and restaurants, as well as for those who cook at home. In these books, Mr. Zinchenko explains in detail what products and recipes should be paid attention to, and which you should avoid like plague.

Rules Of The ABS Diet For Men

Diet for a flat stomach by Zinchenko is a real man’s meal plan. You don’t need to count calories, and meals are approximately equivalent in composition and evenly distributed throughout the day. This reliably helps avoid suffering from hunger, which is the main horror of all men.

For six weeks, you should eat dishes that are made with an eye on the special list of products, complementing proper nutrition with regular physical activity. It is predictable that you will have to pay special attention to the abdominal muscles during your training sessions.

ABS Diet involves enhanced workouts:

  • three times a week, you should be engaged in comprehensive strength training,
  • twice a week – work through the abs.

The diet author leaves the issue of additional cardio workouts to the conscience of the weight-loser, noting that you can get comparable benefits and much more fun from:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling.

*You must have one day per week free from physical activities (walking is allowed!).

ABS for men is the interpretation of the protein diet, yet the innovation of Dave Zinchenko lies in the fact that he does not replace other macronutrients, including carbohydrates, with protein, in the list of recommended products.

A man on the path of gaining the coveted six-pack can form his own menu, based on a dozen of super-products (see list below), ensuring, however, the presence of the protein component in every meal.

What Does The ABS Diet Menu look like

  • “large” meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) alternate with snacks.

snacks follow two hours after the “large meals” and differ from them by their composition (for example, you may have not a complete meal, but a handful of nuts and half a cup of berries, or whole-grain toast with peanut butter) and serving sizes.

However, the serving size doesn’t have any strict limitations. Zinchenko recommends listening to your body and trying to give it what it wants. The men’s diet author also explains why men need to eat often, without missing a main meal or a snack.

Studies have shown that calories burn evenly in their uniform intake. In addition, eating often helps avoid compensating overeating, which the male body begs for when breaks between the meals during the day last more than 2-3 hours.

12 Super-Foods Of The Diet For The ABS

Almonds and other nuts

Nuts are a delicious source of dietary fiber that provides a blissful satiety and stimulates bowel motility. They also are a source of almond oil, which is valued for its unsaturated fatty acids and a truly transcendent content of vitamin E. It is an immune stimulant and an antioxidant, which, among others, is very important for the reproductive health.

Fragrance researchers discovered that the enticing bitter almond smell suppresses the feeling of hunger! Yet you have to remember that the men’s diet for abs allows eating only raw, dried or fried without oil almonds, and Forbids salty, smoked and glazed versions of nuts.

Beans and other legumes

Low in fat and calories, rich in protein – it’s all about the beans! These plants are known not only for their ability to restore the fertility of the land, on which they planted. Kidney bean, beans, lentils and chickpeas normalize the work of the digestive system, the smooth functioning of which is an essential part of any diet. To avoid overloading your body with simple carbohydrates and fat, Refrain from baked, fried and canned legumes.

Spinach and other leafy vegetables

Green and leafy vegetables, such as spinach, all kinds of table lettuce, broccoli, green asparagus, Brussels sprouts, green bell pepper, are full of vitamins and minerals and have the ability to:

  • lower blood pressure,
  • ensure the prevention of cancer,
  • strengthen the bones tissue.

Green colors means that the vegetable is full of antioxidants that dream of helping you cleanse your body off free radicals and delay the cells aging.

Peanut butter

So salty, dense and satisfying! High-quality peanut butter is an excellent source of:

  • protein (about 25% in the composition),
  • unsaturated fats (90% of the total lipid content).

Choose peanut butter with no added sugar and trans fats, and do not forget that, with all its usefulness, the product is quite high in calories. Limit your daily norm with two teaspoons of peanut butter.

Olive oil

This wonderful elixir of nature not only adds sophistication, taste and flavor to any dish, but also supports the immune and cardiovascular systems due to the high percentage of oleic and linoleic acids.

Olive oil is distinguished by the large size of the fatty acids molecules. They hold more carbohydrates, which means that they provide not only satiety, but also an energetic mood for a long time. It is very important in regular exercising!

Dairy products

Dairy products without added sugar and chemicals are is not only a bioavailable protein, but also calcium, so important for your bones! Most valuable to the human body is milk protein, which has undergone primary processing with beneficial bacteria, i.e. such products, as:

  • yogurt,
  • low-fat cheese,
  • cottage cheese.

High content of casein in whole milk is not always well tolerated. This protein has a tendency to form clots, which can lead to difficulties in digestion.


Rich in fiber, flattened under steam oats grain (this is what we call oatmeal) have a low glycemic index. This means that the glucose is released slowly, which helps avoid abrupt changes in blood sugar level. Oatmeal diet stabilizes digestion and supplies the iron, required for hematopoiesis and the health of internal organs. When following the ABS diet, you should choose oatmeal that requires cooking, without additives.

Whole grain breads and cereals

Whole unpolished grains are the most substantial carbohydrate foods from the dietary point of view. Bran of the grain contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, while as the fiber provides satiety.


Protein and vitamins in a compact natural form! Egg breakfast is the most useful breakfast option. Pure protein without extra calories is not only pleasant to the taste, but is something quickly to cook.

Turkey and other lean meats

Animal protein is an important part of any athletic diet, and the ABS diet for men is not an exception. The amino acid composition of the natural meat is substantial, the protein is well-digestible and helps to “build” muscles. Yet, you should watch out for fat. It is impossible to completely avoid fat, when eating meat, but it is important Not to consume parts that contain visible fa.

Raspberries and other berries

Antioxidant vitamins A and C allow minimizing the damaging effects of your body contact with ecologically unfavorable external environment,
Potassium protects your heart and blood vessels,
Iron and folic acid renew blood and take part in a healthy production of hormones.

In addition, berries are low in calories, which makes them invited guests in any dietary menu. The developer if the men’s diet for ABS gives a special role to fragrant raspberries. These berries are a natural source of:

  • salicylic acid,
  • copper,
  • essential fatty acids.

In folk medicine, raspberries are widely used as an immune-stimulant and means for anemia prevention.

Protein powder

This point of the ABS diet always brings argues. According to the developer of this eating plan, dry protein is the best protein source in significant sporting loads. The problem is that the features of the protein powder “behavior” as food have not been studied. Nutritionists recommend replacing it with “real” foods high in protein.

However, studies show that modern low-fat whey protein is:

  • almost free of carbohydrates,
  • is balanced by the amino acid composition,
  • is actually harmless (provided adequate fluid intake and sufficient exercise – otherwise kidney are overloaded).
  • In addition, it is an alternative to animal protein for vegetarians.

Creating A Menu Of The ABS Diet

David Zinchenko notes that the ABS diet with its super-products chart does not limit the future owner of the iron six-pack with this list, and teaches him to focus on the list as on a starting point. It is recommended to create a daily menu so that each meal contains two super-foods (plus a mandatory protein component).

Of course, formal approach does not work. Adding chicken breast and spinach to a fast food dinner will not help you lose weight and get a perfectly built abs. However, if you complement steamed broccoli with crushed almonds with potato wedges, it will not bring any harm.

In addition, you are allowed to have a “wild lunch” once a week and eat anything that you wish, including fatty steak or pizza. This allows you to remove the psychological tension, and, oddly enough, to ignite the weight loss process. The dietetics knows a paradox of “overloading days”, when a sharp increase in caloric value of food accelerates the metabolism.

However, many men who went through the men’s diet ABS note that the list of a dozen components allows making an enormous amount of combinations and create a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes.

For those who does not want to be distracted by inventing recipes, Mr. Zinchenko released several dietary cookbooks, which contain both hearty and gourmet meals made with super-foods variations.

Drinking Regime Of The Men’s Diet For ABS

Large protein intake must be accompanied by adequate fluid intake:

At least 2 liters of plain water a day!

While keeping to this diet, you should better refrain from sugary drinks, especially chemically created sodas. You are allowed to drink green tea and some coffee without sugar.

ABS Diet Health Benefits

An important feature of the diet by Dave Zinchenko for men is that the developer has considered the role of the stress hormone cortisol in eating behavior. Increased production of cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers the formation of fat reserves, is recorded with the alternation of famine and overeating periods, as well as the lack of positive emotions.

It is proved that good mood is promoted by regular exercise:

  • Exercising naturally increases the level of endorphins

Green vegetables and berries that are rich in vitamin C and any protein foods slow the physiological cortisol production.

ABS diet does not avoid any of the important nutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates). This peculiarity makes it a well-balanced weight loss diet plan. The focus on products rich in unsaturated fatty acids suggests that diet is a means for:

  • Preventing cardiovascular diseases
  • Balancing blood sugar levels, which, in its turn, helps prevent type 2 diabetes.