Memotropil: nootropics effects, usage and dosage guide

To improve brain function, you do not necessarily have to buy the expensive medication Piracetam.

Now, you have the opportunity to buy Memotropil, which is a high-quality and reliable Piracetam analogue.

Memotropil will help you in situations, where you need to memorize a lot of information and improve brain performance without losing the quality.

Who will benefit from Memotropil

Why do you need to buy Memotropil:

  • You are pupil or a student and you need to improve performance before the exams;
  • Your activity is associated with prolonged concentration and mental abilities tension;
  • Frequent stress and fatigue at work became your frequent companions;
    you observe the first signs of age-related brain changes.

Memotropil dosage forms available

In many countries, for example in Poland, you may buy tablets of 800 and 1200 mg, solution for injections of 1g/5 ml, and 3 g/15 ml, and the for the infusions of 12 g/60 ml.

Where to buy and how to use Memotropil

You may buy Memotropil both in a regular pharmacy or online without a prescription.

Memotropil dosage, as well as the pharmaceutical form for administration, is determined depending on personal preferences.

According to the instructions, the average daily dose of Memotropil may range from 2.4 to 4.8 g per day, divided into 2 or 4 doses.

Memotropil is well tolerated by the body and does not cause side effects.

Its action is not affected by alcohol consuption.