Memotal: long-term effects and benefits for brain

The brain serves the connection between your mind and the surrounding world.

Not surprisingly, high tension and a large amount of mental work may interfere with clear and adequate world perception.

Yet, if you buy Memotal, brain fatigue in mental work will cease to bother you.

What does Memotal do

How exactly Memotal improves brain function:

  • normalizes metabolism;
  • improves brain circulation;
  • increases glucose processing as the main source of energy for mental activities;
  • protects the cortex from various damaging factors – intoxication, electric shock, and others.

Memotal dosage forms available

For your convenience, you may take Memotal tablets, each containing 400 mg of the active ingredient Piracetam.

You may also buy Memotal vials for intravenous or intramuscular administration.

Each 5 ml vial contains a solution of Piracetam 1 g.

Memotal dosing regimen

One Memotal tablet per day is enough for children to improve school performance.

Adults are recommended to take two tablets twice a day, or 2,4 mg of the solution for injections, divided into 2-3 doses, to improve mental activity and increase their labor productivity.

Already after 3-4 weeks of Memotal use, you will notice that you are capable of processing a much larger amount of information, and your fatigue, as well as the brain overload o longer bother you.

To see for yourself how effective the drug is in improving the brain function, just buy Memotal online, and your life will change forever!