What McDonald’s Food May We Eat, If We Are Trying To Maintain Figure?

Yes, all of us are aware of the harm we bring to our body, when we consume fast food. We also know that at times we crave for this junk food so badly, and we fail to refuse our cravings. And here’s, where our advices will be useful for you, if you are wondering whether you can eat McDonalds and still lose weight.

#1. Hamburger

*contains 8.8 grams of fat and 254 kcal

The caloric value of the McDonald’s Burger is not that high. Be honest, you didn’t see this coming, did you? This is due to the fact that it contains an extremely low amount of additives and no fat at all. We all know that namely fat is the reason, why the caloric value is so high in burgers.

Besides, classic Burger only has:

  • a patty,
  • onions,
  • pickles,
  • ketchup ,
  • mustard.

In contrast, one cheeseburger has 13 g of fat and 304 calories.

#2. “Caesar” Salad

*contains 16 grams of fat and 283 kcal

The caloric value of “Caesar” salad is nearly two times higher than of the previous dish! You certainly didn’t see this coming either! It’s all about the rich hidden ingredients of this salad. Yet, we have to note that one “Caesar” serving is much larger by volume than the classic Burger.

Besides, salad contains the protein from chicken breast that will save you from hunger for a long time and quite a large amount of raw vegetables, which will provide you with the necessary fiber.

#3. Carrot Sticks

*contain 0.2 g of fat and 34 kcal

Even those people, who are keeping to a very rigid diet, are allowed to savor this dish!

You want to allow yourself eating fast food at times, but without harming your weight loss plan?

All you have to do is replace deep fried French fries with these juicy carrot sticks.

#4. Chicken nuggets

*contain 14 g of fat and 268 kcal (in a small portion, 6 pcs.)

That’s right, these have a high caloric value due to their cooking method.

However, they have no bread, but contain a good amount of protein – 17 grams.

If you decide to eat a vegetable salad with nuggets, you will make the most reasonable choice that you can ever make, when you eat in McDonalds and losing weight still remains your goal.

#5. Pie with cherry

*contain 189 kcal fat 8 g

This dessert is among the most low-calorie desserts that you could ever fancy.

Having just 8 g of fat and no more than 200 kcal.

Bottom line:

if you ever come to McDonald’s to celebrate the day of disobedience, you surely have to choose this pie as your dessert.

Yet, you definitely should avoid the popular McFlurry, which has 344 calories and 53 g of sugar! Even the teacher, who ate at Macdonald’s and lost weight, recommends to carefully develop a diet plan and count calories wisely, if you want to success in your anti-obesity fight or maintain your figure.