How many calories to consume daily to lose weight?

One of the methods that helps effectively lose weight – counting the consumed and burned calories. However, it is not enough to calculate only calories, it is important to correctly divide and calculate the daily intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. As you can see, this is not an easy approach, but as practice shows, it brings good results.

How much to eat daily to lose weight?

According to average calculations, a woman consuming 2000-2,500 calories daily, depending on her lifestyle, can lose weight. However, the body and physical indicators of each person are individual, so make the following calculations for more accurate information.

First, calculate basal metabolism (BM). This indicator shows how much the person needs to consume calories for a normal existence in a calm state.

  • Women: 10 * weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) – 5 * age – 161 = BM.
  • Men: the last factor 161 is replaced by 5, but the rest of the formula remains the same.

Now calculate your energy consumption per day relative to your lifestyle. For this purpose, multiply the calculated index (BM) by the corresponding value in:

  • sedentary lifestyle – 1.2;
  • minimum activity – 1,375;
  • average activity – 1.55;
  • high activity – 1,725;
  • the maximum activity – 1.9.

For example, your calculations are as follows:

  • basal metabolism (BM) – 1,200 calories;
  • energy consumption – 1,750 calories.

*This indicates that the minimum consumption rate is 1200 calories for the safe weight loss.

*The indicator 1,750 says that the person consuming such number of calories daily will not gain weight , but in order to lose weight, daily calorie intake should be reduced by 30% (1,750 * 70% = 1225 calories).

How many carbohydrates to consume daily to lose weight?

The Internet is full of information about diets that exclude carbohydrates. However, it is not necessary to remove them completely from the diet. The body needs carbohydrates for the qualitative brain function.

If you consume:

  • more than 300 grams of carbs – your weight will certainly increase;
  • more than 150 g – slowly, but your weight will increase;
  • not more than 100 g – your weight will remain the same;
  • less than 100 g – your weight will decrease.

*Do not reduce the carbs consumption below 50 g per day for a long time, since the body can get into ketosis.

How much fat to consume daily to lose weight?

Consumption of excessive amounts of fat will also interfere with weight loss. However, its lack – is harm to the body.

Fat helps to absorb many vitamins, participates in the formation of muscle tissue. Studies have shown that 1 g of fat per kilogram of body weight is needed for a person for a normal life.

The person can safely lose weight using such proportions. For example, the person should consume 70 grams of fat per day if he weighs 70 kg. Pay attention to the variety of consumed fats; give preference to fish, olive oil, low-fat meat, and cottage cheese.

How much protein to consume daily to lose weight?

To a greater extent, the human body consists of water and protein. Consequently, protein is an essential material for muscle building. “Feeding the body,” proteins help burn calories and provide a feeling of satiety for a longer time.

According to calculations, the person needs to consume at least 70 g of protein per day. Note that the need for protein increases up to 30% in stressful situations and diseases.

If you want to calculate the exact rate, use the formula:

  • Ideal weight * 1.2 g = the number of proteins a person needs per day.

Do not be afraid to eat proteins, they never turn into fats!

However, it should be noted that the body does not digest more than 34 g of protein per meal. The rest of the protein is excreted from the body when consuming water and fiber.