How to make yourself go to the gym

It’s time to turn on the combat fitness mode, and you just can not force yourself to get up off the couch? Are you coming up with nonsensical excuses for yourselves that you have too much to do, or, conversely, have too little forces?

It’s time to pull yourself together! We suspect that you just do not have enough motivation. We will tell you what will really help you decide on new beauty-achievements.


Your desire to get in shape is understandable, yet you should try to cool down and avoid setting your mind for Olympic loads in the first days of trainings. Otherwise, you run the risk of hating the trainings already after the first session.

It is unlikely that you will be inspired, when you feel exhausted and devastated. All in good time, you still have time to break all kinds of records, yet at first avoid going too far.


We are sure that you have an impressive inner world. Yet, you probably also possess equally impressive ability to procrastination. Do not allow your laziness to apply your abilities for the benefit of either yourself, or the surrounding people. You have to understand that it is not a wise decision looking for excuses like:

  • “I am not in the mood”,
  • “it’s getting dark in the street”,
  • “I think it’s going to rain”,
  • “sofa is so soft”.

Fight the laziness! Trust us, you will feel satisfied, proud and full of energy after a workout.


It might sound primitive, yet your fitness wardrobe renewal will really help. It is unlikely that you will feel a burst of energy, while wearing old sweats and a stretched gray T-shirt. Bright colors and nice fabrics of your sportswear will create though small, yet important wonders. At least, they are guaranteed to:

  • cheer you up,
  • help you enjoy the way you look in the mirror while training,
  • charge you with positive emotions for new achievements.


Trainings will indeed be productive, if you set a specific goal:

  • to run a half-marathon,
  • lose weight by 5 kg,
  • become the owner of S size.

You have to flesh your wishes out as much, as possible. No more “get in shape”, “outdo neighbor” and ” become more athletic”. Such abstract determinations won’t let you get too far.


The main problem that many face is the lack of time. Family and work seem to take 24 hours a day. But let’s face it, it is not so, with rare exceptions. Just write down the time for trainings as a business meeting in your schedule.

You would not postpone it, because “well, I’m somehow not in the mood and it’s cloudy out there”? That’s the trick. Your time for sports should be inviolable, and you can plan workouts for a month ahead.


Compile a truly energetic playlist for yourself! It will help you cheer up and will fill you with the strength to continue training. Just approach this point with all the thoroughness.

Eliminate your favorite romantic ballads. Your training tracks should be rhythmic! We believe that drawing up a playlist for exercising is not a boring pastime. Agree?


Of course, you should not forget it all. Yet you should leave in the past the mockery that you heard in childhood or later in life. If you ever did not get into a sports team due to the fact that you are too chubby, clumsy or weak, or you were bad at running and did not passed the standards, just forget about it all as of a nightmare.

Remember that your physical form depends only on the effort that you put into it today.


When it’s gloomy, cold and rainy outside, of course, it’s very hard to talk yourself into going out for a jog or to the gym. In such moments, imagine how you will feel in the summer, when you come to the beach in a from that seriously differs from the one you are aiming.

And then think about how amazing you will feel, showing the toned figure in a spectacular bikini. This image will inspire you to overcome oneself. It sounds like a cliché, yet it really is an effective way.


Answer the question: what in life is more important than your health? Nothing (no appeals)! Without a normal physical condition, you are absolutely ineffective. So, decide for yourself once and for all that your body and your health are just as important as your job, which requires a stable, regular involvement.

By the way, research indicates that those who engage in sports, are more productive than other employees. So, think of training as one of the “doping tools” for your career.

It’s time to face the truth. No one can go instead of you for a jog, and the overweight does not disappear on its own, as if by magic. Sooner or later, you will have to either accept their your and “love yourself for who you are”, or finally get up from the couch and go to the gym.

Yet you must understand that you have to fight your laziness. The 9 simple tips we have provided for you will help you awaken the desire to engage in physical activity, and will let you be proud of your athletic body in the future.