Lucetam – a cognition-enhancing drug

You will need to buy Lucetam, if you began to notice more often irregularities in the brain work – rapid tiredness onset, memory impairment, confusion, etc. Lucetam will help you maintain clarity of mind for a long time and forget about the difficulties of perception and information memorizing.

Improving brain function with Lucetam is carried out by the active ingredient Piracetam. Piracetam-based drugs were the first agents that were used specifically to improve the performance of intellectual work.

In such European countries, like Romania or Poland, you may buy Lucetam tablets that contain 400, 800 and 1200 mg of Piracetam. Moreover, you may buy Lucetam online or in conventional pharmacies in vials of 5 ml/1 g or 15 ml/3 g, and solution for injections of 1 ml/200 mg.

According to the prescription, Lucetam dose should be taken in accordance with the age:

  • Children aged 7 to 12 years to improve school performance – 400-2 400 mg of Lucetam per day
  • Adults to improve brain performance – 2,4-12 g of Lucetam per day.

Regardless of the pharmaceutical form choice, Lucetam helps resolve problems with memory and intellect only after the prolonged use. You may see obvious improvement in the brain operation after 1-3 months of Lucetam use.

The main factor in reducing the productivity of intellectual work is insufficient blood supply. Blood enriches the brain with oxygen and nutrients, required for a long-term mental activity. Violation of cerebral circulation leads to memory loss and concentration problems.

Lucetam improves the function of blood vessels, and the brain gets the necessary micro-elements and needed oxygen right on time. When you use Lucetam, your fatigue disappears, your clarity of mind improves and your performance increases.

Yet, the blood supply improvement through Lucetam not only normalizes the brain function, but also prevents the occurrence and development of chronic blood vessels destruction. Under the influence of Lucetam, the vasodilator effect in the brain is more pronounced than you get from drugs, specifically designed for this purpose (Cavinton, Betaserc).

Improved blood circulation and brain function restoring are not all the effects that can be achieved through Lucetam use.

You may use Lucetam both separately and in the combined treatment for:

  • getting rid of apathy;
  • restoring the sense of balance;
  • removing headache and dizziness.

If you want to buy a high-quality and inexpensive drug for increasing the productivity of intellectual work, buy Lucetam. No matter what your age is or what you do, Lucetam will become a reliable ally for your brain.