Lose weight without dieting and exercising. It is real!

How to lose weight without strict diets and sports

Writer Ekaterina Mirimanova told us how she lost sixty kilograms without strict diets and sports.

I’ve always been overweight. Since childhood, I loved sweets and floury foods and hated sports. At school, when I had to run in physical education classes, I was knotting the shoelaces of my sneakers.

Dad, realizing that he had to do something with my tendency to overweight, was trying as hard as he could to make me move:

  • Sent me to the badminton class (I even managed to get some junior category).
  • Made me do twenty-minute morning exercises.
  • Went for long walks with me and my mother.

I could go forty kilometers in one day, when I was ten years old.

Yet none of these were compensating my love for food. Excess weight has always been my most loyal chaperone.

When I was seventeen, a run of bad luck hit me:

  • I was broken by unhappy love,
  • I lost my father,
  • my mother went to live in Spain.

I was left alone. I had to earn my living and solve problems on my own. Against the background of stress, kilograms were piling up with every new day.

At the age of twenty-one, I got married. It would seem a joyful event. But, having decided to give birth to a child, I faced serious difficulties. I had to undergo hormonal treatment, during which I gained even more weight.

When the baby was born, I began to gain weight again because of the post-natal depression.

As a result, by the beginning of 2005, with a height of one hundred and seventy-five centimeters, I weighed one hundred and twenty kilograms.

Strangely enough, I did not have any complexes about my excess weight. This is the character I have: it’s hard to make a whipping boy out of me. I was jokingly and firmly suppressing the attempts of some people to sneer at my expense. My husband never criticized me and treated changes in the parameters of my body in calm way.

After all, I assessed the situation soberly and realized that I was weighing too much. The incentive to lose weight was the fact that I started to work full time. Before that, I worked at home as a teacher and translator.

In February, I was invited as an interpreter and that was the first time in a long time I went out into people and saw myself how I looked to the others. I was perceived as a professional, cheerful and sociable person. But no one saw me as a woman. This did not suit me. And I decided that it was time to act.

First Attempts

I had a whole bunch of unresolved psychological problems. Excess weight is a distress signal. The body says: “Stop, you are doing something wrong”. At that time, I did not work through those difficult situations that overtook me in my youth.

It’s not a matter of one day. You can not just take and cross out the pain, resentment and disappointment. Trying to pretend that there was nothing wrong led me to the unfortunate one hundred and twenty kilograms.

I decided that it was pointless to look for a psychologist in my case. I started reading books on psychology and analyzing my problems on my own.

In parallel, of course, I took up the nutrition issues. The applying to a dietician’s assistance also didn’t seem an option to me. I confessed to myself that the long search for a specialist is an extra reason not to lose weight.

After all, there are so many excuses:

  • I have no time for a visit,
  • I can’t find a good nutritionist,
  • It is too expensive.

Moreover, I guessed that he would tell me: you must limit calories. Do not I know that myself? I will be given a weight loss diet, and, for example, it will not work, which happens often. I will come again and again will be prescribed something.

People need to go to the doctor if they have a serious health problem. I had no problems, and I decided that I could manage myself. I did not manage to make friends with sports. I hate simulators. Especially the ones for at-home use.

I started to look for my own way, my own weight loss method. Fortunately I had an impressive baggage of knowledge. In my youth, I was preparing to enter the medical university, knew the medical encyclopedia almost by heart, and read a lot of scientific literature.

This helped me analyze different approaches to nutrition. I began to test the weight loss methods one by one.

heart, and read a lot of scientific literature.

This helped me analyze different approaches to nutrition. I began to test the weight loss methods one by one.

I remembered the experience of my mother: she once starved for two weeks and managed to solve her excess weight problem for the rest of her life. In my case, any hard limit inevitably led to a caving in. For example, after another popular weight loss diet, I caved in potatoes. I started eating it in huge quantities.

I tried the split meals system, yet it did not work either. In practice, I found out that it is not so useful.

Dinner was always the main meal for me. At work, I skipped lunch, so when I got home at nine o’clock in the evening, I was destroying everything that was in the fridge. The next day, I repented and promised myself to go on a weight loss diet again. But closer to the night, I could not hold and caved in again.

I confessed to myself that I do not have the willpower and I am incapable of giving up my favorite food.

There Is A Way Out

I decided to come up with a weight loss method, which would allow me to eat whatever I want, and at the same time lose weight. I gave myself a question: how can I eat what I like, with minimal loss?

And I realized that if I transfer the “harmful foods” to the first half of the day, then the chance that they will be spent by the evening, without being laid off in the sides, is much higher, than they are, if I eat them closer to the night. I gradually began to move to breakfast all the sweets, salty and fatty foods.

Then, I moved the last meal from ten at night to nine, in a week – at eight, then at seven. As a result, I began to have dinned at six o’clock.

I ruled out snacks. According to my observations, split meals are most often converted into one large continuous meal. Often, we snack not because we really want to eat. And when you get up from the table, knowing that you will not eat anything until the next meal, it mobilizes you greatly.

As a result, I divided my entire diet into breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a content approximately equal in volume and calories.

I worked it out with the insidious fruit: I only allowed myself to have citrus fruits, apples and plums for lunch and dinner. I used fatty creamy sauces to dress the meal until noon only. As for vegetable sauces (for example, tkemali), these were allowed later, as well.

The most important principle was:

  • you can eat everything for breakfast.

This automatically eliminated caving in. Weight has moved from the dead point. I was losing weight slowly and consistently. For the first half-year, I lost thirty-five kilograms. Then, the weight stood still for three months.

I convinced myself that the main thing was not to despair and wait. After all, the system did work. And indeed, the weight gradually began to melt again.

Side Effects

During the weight loss process, I had problems with the skin.

Flabbiness was added to stretch marks after pregnancy. I began to fight it. Together with the shower gel, I was applying ground coffee on my body and made massage in problem areas. After the water procedures, I was ‘feeding’ the dry parts with a moisturizing cream and a shilajit-based remedy.

After a month, the skin began to tighten, and over time I noticed that it no longer sags.

New Life

Now, I weigh sixty-five kilograms.

For breakfast, at eight o’clock in the morning, I can eat a cookie, a sandwich with pâté and a chocolate bar. I dine at about 1 o’clock with something like rice with baked meat. For dinner I have vegetable salad and cottage cheese.

No food for me after six in the evening. I’m used to it. Even at a festive dinner, I feel fine with a glass of dry red wine. And it’s not difficult for me to give up the cake, because I know that I can eat it in the morning.

When the whole day is scheduled from seven in the morning to ten in the evening and it is not possible to eat (good, it happens rarely), I think that I will sweep everything that is in the fridge, when I get to it in the evening.

In fact, it turns out that I can’t stuff a single piece of food in my throat. I know that I will feel physically ill later, and my body refuses to eat. No sports in my life up until now. Though I do walk every day, at least an hour. I remember my dad’s lessons.