Lose weight like a star: 10 tips from the Hollywood actresses

Admit it: in the depth of your heart you don’t believe that they all are real people. A month after giving birth – on the red carpet, gain and lose 30 kg for a new role – not an issue… Our secret agent interviewed celebrities with a predilection and figured out how they do it. Presenting to you: the diets of the celebrities!


“After giving birth to both girls Haven and Honor I gained weight just like all mothers do.

Yes, I really did not want to see such headlines like “Alba got fat” in the tabloids.

So, I was getting out of the house only in the double corset that squeezed me like jaws, but the body looked perfectly.

I was terribly sweating in them and felt extremely uncomfortable. And this, incidentally, was an added incentive to follow the diet and work hard in the gym.I wanted to get rid of them as fast as possible!”


“To lose weight for the “Iron Man 2″ movie, I doubled the amount of workouts with Tracy Anderson and got on a stringent diet.

Every morning I was drinking a glass of hideous seaweed juice, had a low-carb sandwich for lunch, and my dinner was soup of seaweed with a slice of turkey weighing 30 grams.

If I wanted to snack, I was drinking another glass of seaweed juice. I do not know how managed to bear it!”


The possessor of one of the most mind-blowing figures recognized that she eats like a baby.

In the truest sense of the word:

“I am following the so-called baby diet: except for lunches or dinners in restaurants, I make myself baby porridge, eat organic meat and vegetable puree.

They contain no salt, no sugar, no spices, and are rich in fiber, thus improving digestion and cleansing the body of toxins.

One month on such a diet and I can afford a cheesecake.But only one!”


“For the role of Fantine in the movie “Les Miserables”, for which I was awarded with the “Oscar”, my daily menu consisted of two portions of porridge cooked in water, over a month.

If I didn’t get an “Oscar”, I would probably have remembered this horrible and senseless nightmare till the end of my days.”


“I am on the “Color diet”.

Every day, you can eat only organic foods and only of one color.

For example, if I decided that Monday will be a “white” day, I eat white beans and raw cauliflower.

Tuesday could be red: beetroot, strawberries, some meat and bell peppers.

And so on.”


“I don’t like dieting, but I am inclined to weight gain.

So I have a fasting day once a week: I eat only soup of watercress.

Well, this is how I call watercress that is floating in hot water.”


“Before filming the film “Dreamgirls”, I realized I need to lose weight.

I found a super recipe: mix the lime juice or lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper powder, dilute with water and drink 12 times a day.

I lost 10 kilograms in 2 weeks, but I vowed that I will never ever torture myself like that again!”


“After giving birth, I felt like a huge hippo.

And I took it a rule to make 10,000 steps daily, in addition to three 45-minute strength workouts.

A hundred times I wanted to stop the torture, but I was stripping naked, getting in front of a mirror and asking myself: “Is this how you want to look like?”


“When I started hosting the “Top Chef” show, I gained 5 kg in the first month.

To lose them, I was going into the office and back only by stairs.

I was walking on foot 68 stairwells per day.

We were located on the 17th floor.”


“I set a goal: to weigh 50 kilograms.

And I started… eating cookies. 6 cookies per day, 90 kcal each and 2 liters of water.

That’s all.Well… it worked!”

Here is what we heard from the Hollywood celebrities, who managed to lose weight fast!

Which idea do you like the most?

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