How To Lose Weight In Your Legs And Hips: A Thousand And One Piece Of Advice For Those Who Like To Wear Mini

The higher stem of a thermometer rises, the stronger becomes the desire to wear a shorter skirt, but what should we do, if we want to lose weight in the legs? It is best to start solving this issue as soon as it comes up, without leaving it for “other time”. To get skinny legs that you used to have, you will have to resort to proper nutrition, effective exercise and… a few proven tricks.

The necessity of getting rid of a few extra centimeters in your hips requires consistent and planned “military campaign”. You should advance on all fronts, starting with diet revision and finishing with enhanced beauty treatments. And do not forget about guerrilla actions!

Special shaping clothes can help you get rid of a couple of sizes in your hips , first visually, and, eventually for real.


If the arrival of the warm season found you not in your best shape and whispered the question “how to lose weight in the legs”, it is reasonable to start with diet reorganization.

Nutritionists believe that every person needs just three weeks to develop a useful dietary habit (or get rid of a bad one)!

Thus, the sooner you start – the sooner you get comfortable.

If the main purpose of your diet is to lose weight in the legs, it makes sense to focus on two points:

  • Burning of subcutaneous fat and fighting cellulite
  • Strengthening and tightening of muscles.

Of course, any eating plan will not function punctually on a specific part of the body. In a situation where you want to get back in form any first specific area, your main “guide” will be physical activities.

In an effort to lose weight in the legs, you should keep to such a diet, which is well combined with regular physical activity.

In our case – with exercises for leg slimming.

It can be almost any diet with a sufficient intake of protein, which:

  • Fills you for a long time and helps fight cravings for sweets
  • Compensates for protein consumption in the muscles during exercise and allows you to create new muscles.

However, despite all its efficacy and long-term effect, a low-carbs protein diet can make you face a lack of energy to exercise.

An increasing popularity among people, who want to lose weight in the legs through the normalization of their diet and regular fitness, is earned by Carb cycling diet (or similar protein-carbohydrate alternation diet), which are both the meal plans that allow you enjoy the benefits of protein food at a sufficient supply of healthy “slow” carbohydrates.

Studies have shown that carbophobia (fear of carbohydrate foods), with all its undoubted weight loss effect, carries great health risks, associated with metabolic disorders and a deficit of nutrient resources for the brain and the nervous system.

Therefore, a balanced diet with an adequate control of essential nutrients will be a proper choice for solving the problem of how to lose weight in the legs.

Diet against cellulite, taken as a basis, will help you choose products with a special effect, when you want to lose weight in the legs.

Knowing exactly what food will bring the greatest benefit, you should decisively abandon:

  • Sweets and pastries
  • All refined products (oil, sugar, cereals)
  • Fast food and other sources of hydrogenated fats and “fast” calories
  • Semi-finished products.

Semis are generously saturated with salty taste-enhancing additives, which cause fluid retention in the body, which means that they visually make us fatter. Attention to the amount of salt intake is an integral part of a weight loss diet for legs, so savory nuts and popcorn are also banned as snacks.

Speaking of snacks.

US advisers on nutrition in their tips on “How to lose weight in the legs” recommend the following:

As soon as you got up to look for one snack or another (or thought about it and started reaching out for it) – do twenty sit-ups.

This will either discourage the desire to eat harmful foods, or at least reduce the damage from their use.


Swim and go on foot

If you want to lose weight in the legs, a nice and really helpful natural accompaniment of this process will be swimming in the pool, and regular walking. Both types of activities provide a joyful and uncomplicated load, while at the same time enabling a physiological stimulation of muscle legs.

Even if you just lay on the water, your muscles are working!

While as walking part of your usual route on foot in a good weather is a real pleasure. Both swimming and walking are classified as aerobic exercise, during which your body gets energy from oxygen:

  • glucose is oxidized,
  • fat is burned faster,
  • mood rises,
  • the efficiency of regular workouts at home and in the gym increases many times.
  • Maintain a proper drinking regime with water, mate and Puer.

Often, excess weight in the hips and legs is accompanied by cellulite. By themselves, the fat nodules, alas, are characteristic of the female physiology, and it is not so easy to get rid of them. Yet, you can reduce cellulite symptoms through various means.

These include a correct drinking regime.

Tissue dehydration makes the “orange peel” become more prominent. However, water retained in the cells doesn’t add any beauty, as well. To lose weight in the legs, it is sometimes enough to adjust the rate and method of fluid intake:

Drink at least 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day, better in small portions (20-30 ml several times an hour).

Ethnic teas may help you achieve a good result: Paraguayan mate and Chinese Puer have proven to be reliable assistants for weight loss. These drinks, with proper brewing, not only help control exuberant appetite, but also improve the lymph flow and fats breakdown.

Wear corrective underwear and forming clothing

Modern shaping “control” tights and trousers are a powerful secret weapon! They can help you look slimmer when you’re just starting to try losing weight in the legs. Shaping lingerie not only shapes your silhouette and creates a beautiful and tighter line of thighs, knees, ankles, but also has the effect of anti-varicose, thus struggling with the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Recently, lingerie market is enriched by innovative and corrective leggings that look no different from ordinary pones, yet help you “narrow” the buttocks and legs by a couple of sizes. These wardrobe items also act as a means of psychological support, and clearly show how good you will look after you “remove” a centimeter or two of your legs volume.

Try self-tanners

Tanning not only gives you the effect of “sun kiss”, but also helps you to visually slim your legs. Yet, you should be careful and cautious, since the application of a skin coloring agent requires a certain skill and dexterity.

Beginners are best to use tinting napkins. Shoes that are close in color to the natural tone of tanned skin will help you enhance the effect by making your legs more slender and long. Self-tanner did not work? Combine the shoes and tights.

Discover dry skin brushing for legs

Many are aware of the toning and rejuvenating effect of face brushing, yet the effect of the same method may become a real surprise in your efforts to answer the question of how to lose weight in the legs.

All you need to have for dry feet brushing is:

  • 10 minutes of free time
  • A brush with natural stiff enough or, alternatively, soft plastic bristles
  • Access to the your legs.

If you meet these conditions, you will be able to carry out a brushing session (vigorous circular massage with a brush) even at work. Brushing not only helps you get rid of dead skin particles, but also provides a lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite effect, and improves skin elasticity.

Work standing

Sedentary style of your life and, most importantly, your work (which often the life of modern women), as we all know, badly affects your shape and your mood.

Many hours of sitting in an inactive position:

  • Blocks blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Leads to muscles weakening.

Weakness of your muscles affects the overall functionality of supporting tissues.

When these become less elastic, they indulge not only the growth of body fat, but also the union of adipocyte cells in the cellulite bumps.

However, if you change your posture and position of the body at least once an hour, the situation will change for the better. Implementation of a part of your office work in a standing position will provide your muscles with work and will help you lose weight in the legs.

By the way, for those who work in the office, but are willing to have a creative attitude to their work conditions, an increasingly popular slimming gadget was developed, which is a table with adjustable height.


If you want to lose weight in the legs, you will not be able to do it without exercising.

However, it makes sense not to overload yourself:

A significant increase in muscle mass will certainly make your hips, knees and ankles more athletic and muscular, yet it won’t make your legs look slender.

By following a diet that helps you lose weight in your legs, you create favorable metabolic conditions for burning fat and improving muscles.

Proper exercise for leg slimming help achieve slenderness without the impression of “roided out” legs.

You can exercise both at home and in a gym.

The main thing is to pay your fitness-attention to your feet 15-30 minutes every day (depending on the composition and intensity of your workouts).

If you want to lose weight in the legs, you should “take a closer look” to cardio loads (highly-intensive aerobic exercises), such as:

  • Different types of running
  • Jumping rope
  • Sit-ups
  • Cycling.

The usual recommended frequency of these exercises is three times a week.

In sessions with a trainer to lose weight in your legs, ask of HIIT (highly-intensive interval training).

This is a relatively new fitness method that is rapidly gaining positive feedbacks. Its essence lies in a chaotic (yet actually deliberate) alternation of exercises and the intervals between them. HIIT allows influencing different types of muscle fibers, thus increasing the expense of both fat and glycogen deposits.

However, not all workouts require help and support of an instructor. Many exercises for slimming the legs can comfortably be carried out at home. The combination of physical activity with breathing by BodyFlex technique, invented by the American Greer Chalders, will help you achieve even more pronounced results in less time!

BodyFlex accelerates fat metabolism and tightens the muscles by producing additional amounts of oxygen.

Breathing exercises work by the scheme:

  • full breath
  • full inhale through the nose
  • full sharp exhale through the mouth
  • holding your breath
  • inhale.

You can combine them with almost any fitness exercise that includes the phase of a static muscle tension.

It is in this phase you should hold your breath for 8-10 seconds after full exhalation.


Perhaps, the most enjoyable part of the marathon that aims getting skinny legs fast are the beauty treatments. When used regularly, they not only improve the appearance of skin, making it smooth and more pleasant to the touch, but also increase your self-esteem.

Self-confidence is half the success of any changes!

  • Using scrubs on your thighs and calves improves blood and lymph circulation and eliminates dead skin particles, thus opening the pores and allowing your legs skin to better “assimilate” any follow-up care, whether you use masks and body wraps or a moisturizing cream.
  • At home, you can also practice hydro-massage with your shower, including contrast. Its technique is very simple: in a circular motion send a strong stream of water from the shower up – from your ankles to your hips.
  • Dry skin brushing we already mentioned allows you using it any free minute on your own and it will enhance the effect of nightly bath and beauty treatments.
  • As for the massage that helps your lose weight in the legs, it requires a professional consultation. At least, apply for professional care for a while at the beginning, until you are familiarized with the methods at the example of a professional.
  • Vacuum massage has proven itself as a fighter against cellulite and edema that often add extra volume to your legs.
  • Point and modeling massage, hand made by a skilled professional, literally “sculpts” the legs of your dreams (or your partner’s dreams).

Remember, you should avoid the massage and decide on how to lose weight in the legs only after internal consultation with the doctor, if you have a history of:

  • Insufficiently treated fractures or dislocations
  • Skin disease and damage
  • Varicose veins or spider veins on your legs.