Lose Weight At The Cost Of Healt: 5 Popular Diets That Will Kill You

When we choose a weight loss diet, we do not think about health as often as we should. Our goal is to lose weight and, if possible, as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, most diets significantly worsen health condition and increase the risk of serious diseases.

Low Calorie Diet

Such weight loss diets is the ones that imply the consumption of a reduced amount of calories – up to 1000 kcal. Such nutrition can include different groups of products, yet even if they do, they are still capable of seriously harming your health.

In conditions of a sharp deficit of calories, our body begins to save energy, including for the general metabolism, which results in a decreased speed of all metabolic processes, both splitting and synthesis.

In addition to a slower rate of fat splitting, our body also slows down the formation of hormones, which are involved in:

  • utilization of fat deposits,
  • control of appetite,
  • synthesis of muscle fibers.

Of course, you do lose weight. However, once you get back to your usual nutrition, you quickly gain the lost kilograms due to your new slower metabolic rate. Such fluctuations in weight are not useful at all. They increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Mono Diet

Diets in this category suppose the consumption of a single product for a long time – usually a week or more.

For example:

  • yogurt,
  • chicken breast,
  • boiled eggs,
  • rice,
  • buckwheat.

Alas, not even the most useful product is capable of providing our body with all the substances it needs.

The obvious fact is that in this case you will come across a condition that is in one way or another connected with the deficit of one or another nutritional component:

  • decrease in local immunity,
  • violation of blood circulation,
  • digestion impairment,
  • deterioration of the skin, hair and nails,
  • changes in eating behavior (bulimia, anorexia),
  • infertility.

By the way, it will also affect your look. After all, “starving” cells of your body will “pull out” the missing microelements and vitamins from your own reserves. The first to suffer because of this are your skin, hair and nails, and dental health.

Protein Diet

The diet is based on protein products:

  • dairy,
  • meat,
  • eggs,
  • legumes.

The good thing about it is satiety. The bad thing is the abundance of protein digestion products. Your liver might fail to cope with their processing, and your kidneys might fail to cope with their excretion.

As a result, they will circulate in your blood, shifting you body pH to the acidic side.

Acidification of the internal environment is fraught with:

  • Violation of the activity of hormones and enzymes
  • Decrease in the rate of synthesis and decay.

The main product of protein digestion is uric acid, which can crystallize and be deposited, for example, in kidney stones or in the joint area, increasing the risk of arthritis. Besides, the proteins take long to be digested, which increases the load on your digestive system, provoking gas formation and constipation.

Low-Carb Diet

Low-carbohydrate diets include the so-called ketogenic diets with a predominance of proteins, fats and vegetables and with a minimum content of cereals, grains, fruits and berries. As you know, glucose is the main source of energy for our brain. Its lack leads to the death of nerve cells and the deterioration of the brain.

Prepare for the fact that you will find it difficult to think or remember something. You can also forget about sports, walks with kids and gatherings with girlfriends. You will simply have to forces for all these.

It should be noted that such a diet can be useful in some cases. For example, when it comes to reducing the sensitivity of cells to insulin or in oncology. It is known that all cells of our body can receive energy from ketone bodies, which are formed during the breakdown of carbohydrates.

However, until your body moves to a new path of getting energy, you will, frankly, feel quite bad.

Your most loyal companions for many days will be:

  • dizziness,
  • loss of strength,
  • weakness,
  • fainting.

So you shouldn’t simply exclude carbohydrates from your nutrition, unless you do it in accordance with medical indications. Why mock your own organism, if it is possible to lose weight while keeping to a proper nutrition?

Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet in many ways resembles the menu of primitive people, who did not cook food on heat, and consumed everything raw.

Then, they were using for food:

  • about 3 thousand species of animals (insects, fish, shellfish, etc.)
  • about 10 thousand plants.

The diet of modern man is not so diverse. However, those who wish to return to the nutrition method of their distant ancestors, still do exist. In general, if there are products of animal origin on your table, such weight loss diet can be called a rational one.

The only thing that you can face is:

  • Violation of the digestive tract function
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines.

These result from the large amount of unprocessed fiber in this popular weight loss diet.

The menu of a raw-vegetarian is not balanced. They lack a number of amino acids, vitamins and microelements. Those, who consume exclusively plant foods, in 90% of cases, are deficient in iron, vitamins of group B.

This can cause:

  • anemia,
  • impaired reproductive function,
  • reduction in detoxifying functions of the body,
  • enhancement of depressive conditions.

Based on your blood tests, you can be prescribed an individual complex of amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins that will complement your diet.