Laciney Review

Laciney is a trade name of active substance Orlistat, which is used in weight loss therapy. Each capsule of Laciney contains 120mg of Orlistat. When used for weight loss, Laciney dosage is equal for all patients, regardless of the age, body weight, or other medical conditions.

The recommended Laciney dosage for weight loss and weight maintenance in adults and children over 12 years old is a Laciney capsule, taken three times a day.

Laciney drug should be taken with food or 60 minutes after main meal.

It is recommended to follow a balanced diet during the anti-obesity therapy by means of Laciney. Healthy eating will speed up the weight loss and help to keep the weight stable after the withdrawal of anti-obesity drug.

Besides, Laciney is prescribed for the weight loss to people, whose obesity is complicated by comorbidities (hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease).

Laciney (Orlistat) belongs to class of drugs, called lipase inhibitors.

Therapeutic action of Laciney takes place in the intestines. Thus, Laciney capsules prevent the absorption and digestion of some fats, consumed with food. Thanks to the effect of Laciney, indigested fats are excreted from the body with feces. So, the recommended dose of Laciney inhibits about 30% of fat absorption.

Safe usage of Laciney:

  • Drug Laciney is contraindicated for use in the dosage, exceeding the recommended dose. Using this drug in the dose, exceeding the recommended one, does not strengthen therapeutic effect of Laciney. However, anti-obesity drug in higher dose may increase the risk of Laciney side effects (incontinence of stool, frequent defecation, flatulence, or oily feces).
  • A well balanced diet and physical exercises are essential components in anti-obesity therapy with Laciney drug. Non-drug therapy helps to speed up the weight loss and keep it for a longer time.
  • Consumption of fatty food can increase the risk of Laciney side effects from the GI tract (flatulence with feces, loose stool, and frequent defecation).
  • Low-fat diet can reduce these side effects and increase the weight loss.
    In fact, weight loss can increase the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin. Therefore, when diabetic patients use Laciney drug, they might need to reduce the daily dosage of anti-diabetic medications.
  • Laciney can decrease the concentration of some other drugs in the blood plasma. Therefore, before adding any drugs to anti-obesity therapy, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with Laciney drug interactions.
  • Women of reproductive age are recommended to use contraceptives, when taking Laciney drug. It is known that Laciney has teratogenic effect.
  • Therefore, it is contraindicated to use Laciney in pregnancy and lactation.
  • Laciney is not prescribed to children under 12 years old. Safety and efficacy of this drug in pediatrics is unknown.
  • There is no sufficient data on the use of Laciney in elderly patients.
  • Therefore, it is not recommended to take Laciney after 65 years old.

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