Juvederm ULTRA 3

Juvederm Ultra 3 Dermal Filler

Juvederm 3 for Fuller Lips and no Nasolabial Folds

The Nasolabial folds, commonly known as “smile lines” or “laugh lines” are facial features.

They are the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

They separate the cheeks from the upper lip.

The term derives from Latin nasus for “nose” and labium for “lip”.

With aging, nasolabial folds may grow in length and depth and start sagging.

Another sign of aging is the lipstick “bleeding” along the lip border.

If you’ve started noticing these signs, we recommend you not to postpone appropriate treatment and buy Juvederm ULTRA 3 online to fix the annoying issues.

What Is Juvederm ULTRA 3?

Juvederm ULTRA 3 is a sterile gel made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

Indications for the Use of Juvederm ULTRA 3

Juvederm ULTRA 3, also known as Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, is the first highly cross-linked dermal filler in the JUVEDERM range, making it one of the most versatile dermal fillers for use in facial contouring and volumizing.

Juvederm ULTRA 3 is a thick gel, so it is perfect for correcting deep facial lines and wrinkles, as well as filling in hollow areas of the face and plumping lips that lack volume and definition.
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Suitability for Juvederm ULTRA 3 & Expected Results

If your concerns are similar to the ones listed below, dermal filler Juvederm ULTRA 3 is the right choice:

  • Pronounced Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette Lines – skin creases that run from the corners of the mouth to down along the chin
  • “Bleeding” lipstick around the lip border
  • Thin and/or lacking volume lips
  • Fragile and hanging earlobes

Juvederm ULTRA 3 provides immediate results by instantly plumping facial areas that were previously deflated while lifting sagging folds and smoothing out wrinkles.

This filler contains Lidocaine Hydrochloride 0.3%, which is meant to minimize your discomfort during treatment.

Juvederm ULTRA 3 Before & After Results

Juvederm ULTRA 3 Administration Protocol & Procedure

Dermal filler Juvederm ULTRA 3 is indicated for administration in the mucous membrane of the lips and into the mid and/or deep dermis.

It is advisable to avoid alcohol, heavy exercise, heat and sun exposure for a couple of days after treatment with this dermal filler.

There is no need to worry about allergic reactions, because Juvederm ULTRA 3 is produced of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

However, there still exists a possibility of tight throat manifestation, which indicates your sensitivity to Lidocaine.

This side effect will subside within a few hours. If it doesn’t, seek medical assistance.

To maintain the results, achieved with the dermal filler Juvederm ULTRA 3, it is recommended to undergo touch up sessions as often as needed.

Specifications of Dermal Filler Juvederm ULTRA 3

Volume & Packaging: Two syringes of 1 ml of gel.
Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (24 mg/mL), Lidocaine Hydrochloride (3 mg/mL).
Accessory: Two sterile 27G1/2” needles. Package insert.
Storage Conditions: Store between 2 – 25°C.