Ionamin in Australia

Ionamin is a brand name of anti-obesity pills containing an active substance Phentermine (as cationic exchange resin complex). A pharmaceutical company – UCB, Inc is the producer and owner of Ionamin capsules.

Ionamin brand name is popular for over 50 years. Drug containing Phentermine as active substance has become available in the United States exactly under this brand name – Ionamin. Nowadays, Ionamin drug is no longer available in the United States. The status of Ionamin in the USA: discontinued.

Ionamin trademark is popular both in the United States and in Australia. The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) includes Ionamin 15mg and 30mg capsules since 1992. The current marketing status of Ionamin in Australia: Export only Medicines. Ionamin anti-obesity pills were not approved by the TGA; therefore, they are not available in Australia.

Other weight loss pills are prescribed in Australia as an alternative to Ionamin. Metermine diet pills and Duromine diet pills are the most used medications for treating obesity in Australia. Duromine drug and Metermine drug contain Phentermine resin complex as Ionamin does. Thus, Metermine and Duromine medications are the generic drugs of Ionamin.

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How does Ionamin differ from Ionamin generic drugs?

  • Dosage strength of Ionamin capsules is 15mg and 30mg
  • Dosage strength of Ionamin generic capsules is 15mg, 30mg, and 40mg.

The only difference between Ionamin capsules and Ionamin generic drugs (by UCB, Inc.) is that the last ones are also come in the dosage of 40mg.

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Moreover, Ionamin generic capsules and Ionamin capsules may differ by price. A price of any medication depends on several factors, such as features of national and local taxation; the size of the retail markup of pharmacy chain.

Development of local, regional and global pharmaceutical markets affects the price of Ionamin capsules and Ionamin generic drugs.

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