How to Increase Phentermine Effect?

How to Increase Phentermine Effect?

In spite of the fact that Phentermine is a highly effective anorexigenic drug, not all the patients using these slimming pills can tell they have lost much weight.

The effectiveness of this medication has been proven in many clinical studies, which revealed that it depends on some factors.

Can diet improve results on Phentermine?

Diets help to increase the effectiveness and safety of Phentermine in obesity treatment.

If you find it difficult, or simply don;t have required knowledge, to develop a diet plan for yourself, you can consult a nutritionist.

Any diet plan should involve reduction of calories intake.

Thus, a diet helps a patient to get rid of extra kilograms in a short time, while Phentermine helps to do it without much discomfort.

If you stick to a low-calorie diet and take Phentermine, your body weight will be gradually decreasing.

After the termination of Phentermine slimming tablets, diets will keep the achieved weight in place and prevent the weight regain in future.

Simple eating recommendations to boost weight loss on Phentermine

During the use of Phentermine, the weight loss is carried out more intensively if a patient eats small portions of food.

If you eat 4-5 times a day, then in the end, the amount of food you consume throughout a day will decrease.

During the treatment, patients must have breakfast every day.

As you know, when you sleep, your metabolism and almost all the chemical processes in the body are slower, than they are during the daytime.

Thus, a morning meal speeds up the metabolism and fat burning in the body.

Does dosing schedule affect Phentermine effectiveness?

It does.

Phentermine effectiveness may increase, if you take these slimming tablets every day at one and the same time.

Most patients are recommended to take Phentermine in the morning.

The administration of Phentermine in the morning reduces the risk of side effects (for instance, sleep impairment).

Does the dosage affect Phentermine effectiveness?

Effectiveness of Phentermine slimming tablets also depends on the dosage.

Your Phentermine might be produced by different pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Lannett, Vintage, Citius and Teva).

These companies produce medications containing the active substance Phentermine HCL in form of tablets or capsules.

Each tablet or capsule contains 15mg, 30mg or 37.5 mg of Phentermine.

Depending on the severity of obesity and comorbidities, a proper dosage should be used.

Patients must never increase the dosage on their own, even if they think their weight loss is too slow.

Phentermine 37.5 mg is the maximal daily dose, recommended for obesity treatment.

Herewith, only the doctor can increase or decrease the dose of this anorectic.

Phentermine can act more effectively, if your start taking these slimming tablets at an early stage of obesity and are not waiting until the disease causes some complications.

Please note that it is much harder to reduce the body weight in severe obesity stages, rather than in BMI of 30-35.

Obesity is a chronic disease, requiring a long-term treatment.

Patients with severe stage obesity are at high risk of cardiovascular complications, endocrine disorders and cancer.

Taking Phentermine at early obesity allows to get rid of this disease in a short time.

The use of these slimming pills may reduce the risk of comorbidities, improving the quality and duration of life.