You want to improve your brain and protect it from premature aging?

Dream of memorizing the information quickly and easily?

Do not know how to cope with stress during long conference or after moving to another place?

Idebenone will help you!

What is Idebenone and what does it do

Idebenone is a nootropic substance with a strong antioxidant effect. Idebenone has a wide range of effects that are useful for a proper cognitive activity.

Smart pills with Idebenone improve brain function, including:

  • activate the synthesis of glucose and ATP
  • stimulate metabolic processes in the brain
  • support the health of cholinergic neurons
  • contribute to the brain and blood oxygen saturation
  • increase the neurophysiological reactions of brain structures
  • protect neurons from the negative effects of lactate, free radicals and toxins
  • Use 45 mg of Idebenone per day to think better, longer and more productively!

The results of independent clinical studies have confirmed the high efficiency and the benefits of Idebenone use for the cognitive activity improvement.

Idebenone restores the neural circuit and protects brain cells against lipid peroxidation. Through this action, Idebenone is often used for improving cognitive functions.

Where is Idebenone used

As an active ingredient, Idebenone is used in many dietary supplements for cognitive function enhancement.

Idebenone is also often used in the manufacture of cosmetic products for skin care, including creams:

  • Priori by CosmeceuTechs Company
  • Prevage MD by Elizabeth Arden Inc.

In addition, smart tablets with Idebenone are sometimes prescribed for improving brain function in patients with certain neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer or Duchenne disease.

In healthy people, Idebenone helps to promote the information memorization, improve mental processes, and reduce anxiety during their studies or work.

Give your brain longevity and retain clarity of thought for a long time – buy smart capsules Idebenone!

Idebenone development

Idebenone is an analogue of Coenzyme Q10 nootropic (otherwise Coq10), which is synthesized in the laboratory conditions.

Idebenone has been developed by the Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceutical in the late 1980s.

In just a few decades of its presence on the international market, Idebenone has earned many positive reviews.

Lots of various reviews on Idebenone nootropic has also been written on PubMed.

Idebenone does not cause side effects and does not interact with drugs.

In the US, Idebenone is very popular among older people, who want to improve their cognitive performance and slow down brain aging.