How to lose weight after menopause

Menopause in women is characterized by the cessation of menstruation and ovulation. Sharp increase in body weight is observed in 60% of women after menopause, so the question how to lose weight after menopause is actual.

Woman can notice the first weight fluctuations already at the age of 42-46 years (perimenopausal period). They are caused by the hormonal changes that occur in the body: ovarian function decreases, ovaries gradually stop producing estrogen and progesterone, ovum maturation is acyclic. In order to compensate the lack of progesterone, the body accumulates fat deposits. They help to convert androgens (that are still produced in the adrenal glands) into estrogen.

Physique is also altered due to hormonal changes. The fact that estrogen and progesterone affect the distribution of fat deposits in the body by the “female pattern”, that is in the hips, waist and buttocks. Androgens contribute to the fact that fat appears in the abdominal area, so-called “abdominal type of obesity” which is more common in men. Abdominal body fat negatively affect the general health state, leading to coronary heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

When reducing the number of estrogen, thyroid dysfunction occurs which regulates metabolism in the body. Metabolism slows down, so even if a woman continues to consume the food as usual without increasing calories, she gains weight. If a woman has suffered from excess weight before menopause, thus obesity most likely will occur after menopause. Hormonal failure and cessation of reproductive function negatively affect the woman’s psychological state; in such situation overweight is a provoking factor for the development of severe depression. Therefore, after menopause a woman needs to lose weight not only to improve health but also to gain confidence in herself.

How to lose weight after menopause: diet, sport and Ionamin

In order to lose weight after menopause, it is necessary to adhere restricted diet. However, periods of hormonal changes may be accompanied by an increase in appetite, before menopause a woman easily managed to keep to a diet, but now it becomes difficult to cope with hunger. In order to relieve the control over food intake, one should get rid of hunger and Ionamin appetite suppressant can help here. Ionamin is an anorexigenic drug, prescribed for obesity treatment and contributes to fast weight loss.

Ionamin medication affects the brain and suppresses a feeling of hunger and it becomes simple to keep to a diet. In order to lose weight after menopause, using Ionamin diet pills, the menu should be balanced and should contain minerals and vitamins. To normalize body weight after menopause, one should limit the consumption of fatty and smoked foods. It is better to add to the diet seafood rich in iodine, as well as dairy products that contain calcium. This important element will allow to prevent osteoporosis which often occurs after menopause.

Ionamin medication accelerates the metabolism, which slows down in menopause, so a woman is able to rapidly lose weight. Ionamin stimulates central nervous system and helps to cope with fatigue, which often occurs in menopause. Thereby, when taking Ionamin diet pills a woman is easier to increase physical activity and exercise will help to return a good shape.

Ionamin diet pills are very easy to use; just one tablet should be taken before breakfast to lose weight. If a woman doesn’t want to share with everyone that she’s coping with excess weight, it will be her secret.

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