How to Drink Beer and Not Get Fat

How to drink beer and not get fat

As you know, alcohol is one of the most high-calorie foods. In addition, when you consume alcohol-containing drinks, the craving for carbohydrates and fatty foods increases, so the total caloric content of your menu instantaneously increases (many-fold). That is why it is more correct to abandon alcohol when you try to lose weight, even better to do it for good.

As for beer, even with high quality raw materials, this drink can:

  • provoke bloating (here and now),
  • increase the risk of obesity (in the long run).

The latter is more relevant to men, who often face an increase in the fat layer on the abdomen, also known as the “beer belly”. In this article, we will tell you how to drink beer correctly to avoid weight-related problems, as much as it is possible in this situation.

Do Not Hurry

In an interview with the Medical Daily, the dietitian Keith Ayoob warns us that itt takes at least an hour for the liver to process:

  • a large glass of beer,
  • a standard glass of wine,
  • a shot of strong alcohol.

This means that even a couple of drinks within an hour can provide a dramatic effect on the metabolic processes and the fat burning rate. The results of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition prove this statement. It showed that fat is burned 73% slower over the next 2 hours in people who drink more than one alcoholic drink per hour.

Choose Carefully

“Light” beer, “low-alcohol” beer and “low-carbohydrate” beer sound like attractive options for people who take care of their body shape. However, it is important to understand how they differ from each other.

As for beer marked as light, it could be:

  1. a) a marketing move
  2. b) beer with a lower alcohol content.

light beer can actually contain less alcohol and/or calories,
low-carb beer, most likely, contains only slightly less carbohydrates.

In fact, the latter beer type is usually consumed in larger quantities, which leads to an increase in the total daily caloric value. At the same time, experiments show that dark beer is usually consumed at a lower rate due to its bitter flavor, which, most likely, will make you drink less.

Drink Water

The best way to keep your mind clear and not harm your weight loss diet is to drink one glass of water between each portion of alcoholic drinks.

  • First, it will fill the stomach, so you will eat (and drink) less.
  • Secondly, it will help you feel better (including in the morning), because alcohol of any type quickly dehydrates the body, which affects, among other things, the condition of the skin and the intoxication rate.

To ensure optimal hydration and compensate for the lack of water in your body, you need to drink an amount equal to the volume of the alcoholic beverage.

Attention To The Glass

The shape of the beer glass, as studies show, affects our alcohol behavior. In 2015, scientists held an experiment that allowed saying that people drink more, if beer is served into curved or multi-colored glasses. In addition, they managed to establish that when beer is served into a glass with notes on the amount drunk, the drinking speed extends to 10 minutes (compared to 9.1 minutes – with no marks).

Consume Protein

A recent study showed that consuming protein with sweet carbonated drinks is not a good idea. Meanwhile, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, everything can be just the opposite. The fact is that protein food has a thermal effect of 20-30%. That is, exactly this percentage of calories is used for its digestion.

Thus, protein-rich foods before or during alcohol consumption can:

  • control the level of alcohol in your blood,
  • reduce the alcohol absorption rate,
  • increase the rate of its elimination.

If you are wondering right now “To drink or not to drink?” choose the second option. Because this option will help you not just reduce the risks, but to completely eliminate them.