HGH is a unique and high-effective drug, used in different fields of medicine and sports. This hormone is considered one of the most important in the human body, since its effect helps to improve the functioning of the whole body and most important – to increase the growth.

The main purpose of HGH supplements is to increase the body growth by means of increasing the growth of the bone tissue and elasticity of muscles. Indeed, this hormone helps to regulate human body growth. HGH therapy in this case, helps to restore good health in case of severe problems with body growth or any other bone pathologies.

HGH benefits

This hormone has a very strong anabolic effect. In other words, the HGH accelerates metabolism, formation and regeneration of cells, tissues and muscles. HGH injections increase the release of proteins and other nutrients. At the same time, the hormone reduces cholesterol level, helping to cope with excess weight. HGH benefits also include its ability not only to burn fat tissue, but also to increase the ratio between the muscle tissue and fat. Except the basic pharmacological effect, the growth hormone can influence on every single part and organ in the human body. When you use HGH pills, your body gets a strong immune-stimulating effect, which is naturally good for a human being and strengthening of his body.

While looking for HGH for sale, you should know that this product consists of 191 amino acids that help to produce supplementary nutrients in the human body. These are for instance, proteins, which provide high level of physical health. Since the HGH is produced in pituitary gland, this organ dysfunction may cause poor release of the Human Growth Hormone. The lack or excessive amount of this hormone leads to undesirable side effects and violations, manifested in different ways. That is why in case of pituitary failure – doctors monitor first of all the release of Human Growth Hormone.

At first, medical employees didn’t know that artificially produced hormone can be tolerated in the human body so well. They were very surprised to know that such artificial hormone can provide the same effective pharmacological effect as the natural hormone without adverse reactions. But couple of years later, scientists discovered that people can actually solve many health problems by taking this new invented analog of HGH substance.

Indications for HGH use

HGH supplements can be used to:

  • Increase the density of bone tissue
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase physical force and health
  • Reduce the subcutaneous fat and fat deposits in the body (especially the abdominal region)
  • Ensure regrowth of some internal organs that stopped growing, being atrophied due to some disorders
  • Improve the brain activity (it significantly increases the thirst for knowledge, improves memory and information perception)
  • Increase the production of red blood cells
  • Improve the activity of cardiovascular system, the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.

In elderly age, HGH supplements can be used for treatment of sclerosis. This hormone helps elderly people to understand and perceive everything around them clearly and easily. This hormone is also very useful for prevention of heart attack, stroke and, moreover, it significantly reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. You will discover more HGH benefits, if you consider the fact that its use is deemed the best way to stop the aging progress. The pharmacological effect of this hormone is the opposite to aging process, and therefore human body not only starts working better, but also rejuvenates. Of course, the rejuvenating process is not that strong to overcome oldness and death, yet it is strong enough so that a person could feel better and his body would work 100% at any age.

HGH in bodybuilding

The HGH supplements gained a vast popularity among professional sportsmen, bodybuilders and athletes. HGH benefits are a clear reason for its use in sportsmen, since it accelerates physical power and stamina that are important in each kind of sport.

Speaking about athletes and bodybuilders, they need to increase:

  • physical strength,
  • growth of bones,
  • add up the muscle tissue.

There’s no such a professional athlete, who could reach his high results without using some special chemical substances. Whereas early only harmful chemical additives were used (affecting liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system), nowadays sportsmen take harmless HGH injections or pills. When achieving good results, the treatment course with HGH for bodybuilding helps to increase bones and muscles. This helps to make the body more attractive and bigger, compared to other bodybuilders.

HGH administration regime

The HGH provides good results even in minimal doses. However, people should realize that they can both improve the activity as well as harm their bodies, when using this growth hormone. Thus, before you search for HGH injections for sale and begin using it, you should consult a doctor.

Note: you should never use HGH injections or HGH pills in self-treatment because it may cause adverse reactions and unpleasant consequences.

Usually, athletes search for HGH for sale to increase their muscle mass and physical strength or to get rid of excess kilos. Recommendations and administration mode of the HGH are different in this case, yet the effect is pretty much the same. Before taking this hormone, you should know that the only effective application method is HGH injections (intramuscular or subcutaneous). HGH benefits get to the maximum namely when it’s used in form of powder for injections. Other dosage forms of the HGH are less effective and may disappoint you.

Scheme of daily HGH administration showed good results in weight reduction. However, there is a possibility to get addicted to HGH, if you take it for too long. It is one of HGH side effects, due to which scientists have to invent special administration regimen – every other day. The risk to become addictive to HGH lowers manifold, since the body manages to process all substances and amino acids fast. Still, the effect of daily administration of cheap HGH was higher, yet the second administration mode was safer.

So, these are the HGH administration regimes:

  • To lose weight, HGH should be taken every day.
  • To increase the muscle mass and physical health, HGH should be taken every other day.

HGH dosage

The HGH dosage is adjusted depending on the purpose of this hormone use. If you want to gain muscle mass and improve your physical parameters, the optimal HGH dose is 10 IU*

To lose weight, the efficiency of lower HGH dose – 4 IU is equal to 10 IU, therefore use of a higher HGH dosage is senseless according to specialists.

*IU (international unit, used in medicine to measure vitamins, hormones and other substances doses).

A more effective and clear HGH dosage scheme is given below:

  • 1 month – the treatment course should be started with minimum dosage (2 IU of one Human Growth Hormone injection each other day).
  • 2-4 months – HGH dosage is 3 IU in one injection – 5 days a week.
  • 5-6 months – 4 IU of one HGH injection within 5 days a week.

The dosage can be either lowered, or increased insignificantly. It depends on individual peculiarities of the patient’s body.

The duration of Human Growth Hormone use – depends on the patient’s age:

  • Patients under 35 yr – 1 to 3 months.
  • Patients over 35 yr – 4 to 6 months (in patients older 30 years old, the release of natural growth hormone is several times slower, therefore long-term and more intensive treatment course is required).

HGH contraindications

People with tumors or those, who have cancer predisposition, should be especially careful. In such cases, the HGH is not prescribed at all (regardless of the circumstances). The use of this hormone may accelerate the lethal outcome in cancer patients. HGH is also contraindicated in case of intracranial injuries. In pregnancy or breastfeeding, HGH must be stopped to protect a child’s health.

HGH precautionary measures

In patients with diabetes mellitus, HGH use for bodybuilding may provoke the increased level of blood glucose. For this reason, diabetic patients may need the adjustment of insulin daily dose. In renal / hepatic insufficiency, patient should undergo a comprehensive examination before using the hormone. Never use HGH in organ transplantation. Men over 60 years old should avoid using Human Growth Hormone injections or Human Growth Hormone pills as well. In order to prescribe the growth hormone to this group of patients, doctor should verify the usefulness of Somatropin in this case.