Prescription Diet Pills

The range of diet pills in the current pharmacological market helps millions of people cope with the terrible epidemic of our century – the obesity epidemic.

Sontexhealth Team provides comprehensive information about various weight loss pills, available today, and their effects over your body.

From prescription slimming pills to weight loss supplements, learn all you need to know to ensure a safe and successful use, and achieve your weight loss goal within the shortest possible time.

As a rule, weight loss products are intended for oral use and provide different effects in the body.

Some contain stimulants, while other work without affecting your CNS and help reduce the caloric daily value of your menu by eliminating fat that you consume from your body.

As a rule, they require a doctor’s prescription to buy and a medical examination, because they have a list of contraindications, and every person, who is planning on using them needs to know important information on their correct use, possible side effects and restrictions.

As for weight loss supplements, these usually contain natural ingredients, which provide different effects, such as:

  • Diuretic,
  • Mildly stimulating,
  • Slowing down the rate, at which food travels through the gastrointestinal tract to extend the feeling of fullness,
  • Mildly fat burning.

This is not a full list of effects, which are claimed to be exerted by various ingredients of weight loss supplements.

However, it is always important to carefully check the accuracy of information about any supplement or prescription weight loss pill to ensure a successful result.

In addition, the use of every weight loss product requires certain efforts to be made in order to ensure a successful result.

Which and why diet pills you should choose, and how to use them correctly in order to ensure a safe weight loss and what you should do to boost your weight loss progress – questions that Sontexheath Team finds the answers to and provides for you.

Enjoy lifestyle and body changes in the safest and healthiest manner. Weight loss has never been that pleasant!

Obesity pharmacotherapy

At different times, many medications and bioactive food supplements were used for obesity pharmacotherapy. Many drugs have been discontinued due to their unproven effectiveness and they are interesting only in a historical aspect. For example, Adipozin is an extract of the anterior pituitary gland of cattle. It was assumed that Adipozin contains a substance, specifically stimulating the lipolysis process in the body.

There is an experience of bio-stimulants use (ginseng, eleutherococcus, etc.) in the dosage forms and bioactive food supplements, as well as supplements containing guarana (caffeine), dietary fiber, fiber from the marine crustaceans shells, plant substances possessing enzymatic activity (bromelain) and so on.

There are single reports of using thyroid hormones in obese patients. Advisability of their use is due to the hormones ability to stimulate energy consumption. However, treatment by means of thyroid hormones is not widespread, apparently due to the risk of complications.

Means affecting eating behavior and improving diet tolerability

Medicines, reducing appetite (anorectics and food regulators) have been developed and tested for obesity treatment. Anorectics are medications that reduce appetite, food consumption, and as a result lead to weight loss (for example, amfepramone, desopimon, mazindol, etc.), however numerous side effects significantly limit their use. Drugs of this group may increase blood pressure and heart rate, they increase heart need in oxygen, reduce tissue sensitivity to insulin. That is why they are contraindicated in hypertension, coronary heart disease, impaired glucose tolerance, type 2 diabetes, complications that are quite often observed in obesity. All drugs of this group may be addictive in prolonged use. Therefore, even in the cases when they are not contraindicated, duration of the use should not exceed 3 months. Anorectics do not lead to a stable normalization of eating behavior. In anorectics withdrawal, previous eating behavior returns together with extra pounds.

It can be concluded that anorectics may improve diet tolerability, however numerous side effects significantly limit the use of these drugs. They are contraindicated in almost all cases of severe obesity, or if the risk of obesity complications is high.
Difference between anorectics and appetite regulator Dexfenfluramine in the mechanism of action and spectrum of side effects

Dexfenfluramine specifically reduces the consumption of carbohydrates and fats only, without significant influence on protein consumption. Due to this, daily caloric intake is reduced by 20-40%. Dexfenfluramine can be defined as a central serotonin agonist according to mechanism of action. It specifically enhances neurotransmitter effect of serotonin in the brain. It is known that a feeling of fullness is one of the serotonin effects on the brain.

Clinical studies have shown that Dexfenfluramine enhances the diet therapy effect. Dexfenfluramine use is not accompanied by high blood pressure, deterioration of blood lipid profile and carbohydrate tolerance. It means that in contrast to anorectics, the presence of complications, typical for obesity (hypertension, atherosclerosis and insulin-independent diabetes) is not a contraindication for Dexfenfluramine use. Moreover, in contrast to anorectics, Dexfenfluramine is not habit-forming. There are cases when Dexfenfluramine has been used for a long time up to 6-12 months.

Side effects were observed at least in 20% of cases when using usual doses of Dexfenfluramine (15mg twice daily in the morning and in the evening). The most common side effect are: increased fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, diarrhea. In most cases, Dexfenfluramine side effects quickly disappear and do not require to stop using the drug.

Relatively mild effect, the possibility of use in complications, the lack of addiction, all this means that Dexfenfluramine will take a worthy place in obesity pharmacotherapy. However, recent studies have demonstrated that, Dexfenfluramine use in the significant number of cases has led to irreversible changes in valvular heart apparatus that contributed to the heart failure development and even death of patients. In this regard Dexfenfluramine, as well as Fenfluramine drug were ubiquitously withdrawn from pharmacy network.

Fluoxetine (Prozac) was tested as the medication, modifying eating behavior, better known as antidepressant. Indeed, many studies with a double placebo control have demonstrated the ability of Fluoxetine to increase the effect of hypocaloric diet. However, not all patients noted the improvement of diet tolerability. Thus, Goldstein D. J. et al. (1995) suggested that the mechanism of obesity may be different in various patients and therefore Fluoxetine is not able to help all patients.

Currently, Sibutramine (Meridia) comes into the market as a medication affecting appetite and eating behavior. This drug is serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor in the brain structures. According to the plan, Sibutramine should combine the effects of central catecholamine and serotonin agonists. In placebo-controlled study, obese patients have noted dose-dependent weight loss in Sibutramine use in the doses of 5mg, 20mg or 30mg once daily. Maximum weight loss occurs in the first 12 weeks of treatment. However, weight loss was also observed in further Sibutramine use, especially when taking 30 mg once daily. Scientists were noted that Sibutramine side effects are mildly pronounced and do not require the drug termination in majority of cases.


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