Cosmetic Slimming Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatments

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatments

Are you dreaming of losing a few kilos of fat in a relatively short period of time? Well, you do have such an opportunity. If you think that a weight loss surgery is not for you, you will find this article very useful.

Especially for you, SontexHealth Team has gathered information about the best non-invasive weight loss treatments that really work. Keep reading to find out how you can:

  • Transform your body.
  • Build a slender body.
  • Solve the problem of overweight.

Non-invasive weight loss treatments include procedures, which selectively destroy fat cells in specific areas, rather than throughout the body. However, if you choose such weight loss methods, it is important to have realistic expectations about the results that you can get.

Advantages of Non-surgical Fat Reduction:

  • Short time, required for treatment.
  • No recovery period needed.
  • No scalpel, scars and anesthesia.
  • Results last as long as the patient works on maintaining his weight.
  • Discomfort and undesirable reactions are minimal.

Here’s another important point. We have certain problem areas – belly, flanks, back , neck, shoulders, arms, inner thighs and outer thighs – where it is very difficult to get rid of fat. We will discuss non-surgical fat removal options, which allow solving this problem easily.


If you want to freeze fat, choose CoolSculpting. Cryolipolysis (freezing) treatment makes fat cells crystallize. Vessels, nerve tissues, skin and muscles are not affected, as they freeze at a lower temperature.

CoolSculpting destroys fat cells and they are permanently removed from the body. This leads to a reduction in the fat pockets without damaging other tissues and a more slender and aesthetically pleasing physique.


SculpSure is completely different from CoolSculpting. It is “Star Wars” without surgical treatments.

Just imagine, they use laser for this non-surgical weight loss procedure. It heats up fat cells to the point of destruction.

Adjustable constant cooling mechanism provides effective treatment, without damaging the skin. Controlled heat is used to burn fat. Treatment is usually painless, patients experience a sensation of heat.


Fat-melting supershot named Kybella started blowing the socks off the world in 2015. This weight loss injection contains Deoxycholic acid. It is a substance, naturally produced by your bodies, which helps assimilate fat.

When released into fat, Kybella dissolves and destroys fat cells, which leads to a noticeable decrease in fat pockets. In addition, Deoxycholic acid tightens the skin around the treatment area. At present, the FDA has given the green light to Kybella as a means for “double chin” removal (submental fat).


Radiofrequency technology has been used successfully used to combat stubborn fat. Ultrasound energy destroys the walls of fat cells. The released fat is removed from the treated area.

Focused ultrasound is transmitted through the skin, immediately reaches the treatment area without harming the surrounding tissues. As long as you maintain weight, the destroyed fat cells will not grow back.

As you can see, new technologies keep moving forward by leaps and bounds. There are different options of non-invasive weight loss treatments. Do not miss the opportunity to compare them and choose the best.