Dieting & Slimming Tips

Let’s face it: Obesity is the scourge of humanity. Half of the world’s population is overweight or obese, and this figure is increasing every year.

Food and diet industry is full of myths and common misconceptions. Very often, weight loss and its maintenance is presented as an effortless and easy endeavor, while it is totally wrong.

If you are tired of chasing fancy diets, you have come to the right place. SontexHealth Team is willing to share practical nutritional advice from top nutrition professionals.

Ready to take action right now?

Read the series of Sontexhealth articles to get the answers to the question “How to lose weight?”

  • If you have just a few extra kilos, choose the best weight loss tips for fast results.
  • If excess weight problems are serious, get ready for a long struggle.

Set long-term goals, for example, a loss of 10-15 kilograms during every 12 months. Make sure that your goals are specific and realistic.

Remember, that…

A proper diet is more of a lifestyle, rather than a short-term weight loss plan. There is a good reason why nutritionists keep repeating this notion over and over again.

Losing weight with diets is easier than it seems at first glance, while eating delicious and nutritious foods is quite possible. The most important thing is to stick to a healthy diet and turn a healthy lifestyle into a habit, which should become as usual for you, as brushing your teeth in the morning and reading a book in the evening.

The only way to correct your past ill-considered actions is to give your body time to burn accumulated fats in a safe and calm manner. Choose the right nutritional option, which will take into account both physiological and emotional features. Thus, you gradually get out of this pit.

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