So many people dream of becoming bigger, stronger, faster and healthier! Right?

In this urge for self-improvement, we are looking for the most advanced anabolic substances, which will safely and effectively change our bodies for better.

Today, we talk about the latest buzzword in bodybuilding, namely about SARMs.

  • Bodybuilders use SARMs as a safer, yet still not fully studied alternative to steroids.
  • Scientists research SARMs as a drug for the treatment of diseases, associated with muscle depletion.

In this article, we will discuss the use of SARMs for sports, and not for medical purposes. At the same time, we won’t forget things that science tells us. After all, we want to get to the bottom of this thing fast, and not just build muscles.

We will consider the mechanism of action, the advantages, disadvantages, adverse reactions and other important aspects, associated with SARMs. The purpose of this article is to understand better, what SARMs are and whether they are suitable for you.

SARMs or steroids? – Read this article to find out!

What are SARMs?

Three key takeaways about SARMs:

  1. SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are a new class of compounds, which chemically resemble anabolic steroids.
  2. They improve the physical functions and provide the same advantages as the anabolic steroids do, but to a lesser degree.
  3. These compounds are not toxic to the liver, and rarely cause side effects.

SARMs were originally researched and developed for their potential medical use, in particular, to prevent muscle atrophy, caused by various conditions, such as skeletal diseases.

Today, these compounds are taking the fitness industry by storm. They are used to boost:

  • Muscle growth;
  • Fat loss;
  • Cardiovascular endurance.

Although many drugs exist out there, which are designed to improve the body and health of various groups of people, SARMs have unique advantages, associated with androgen activity.

Benefits of the best SARMs:

  • Oral use;
  • Low risks of side effects;
  • Not aromatised by the body;
  • Non-toxic to the liver;
  • Pushing performance to unmatched levels;
  • Building a great amount of muscle mass in a short period of time.

All these sound tempting, don’t they? If you are already sitting there with a credit card in your hand ready to buy SARMs online, stop the rush… we’re not done yet.

How do SARMs work?

Science does not stand still, and scientists continue researching both the body and the effect of various compounds on it. During the experiments, it was found out that SARMs have the ability to contact hormone receptors and produce a variety of interactions with them.

Three main things you need to know:

  • SARMs stimulate androgen receptors, in particular, in muscle and bone cells, thus contributing to the growth of muscles and bones.
  • SARMs do not break down into such compounds, as estrogen, and do not affect the function of the liver, prostate and other internal organs.
  • SARMs work less effectively than regular steroids, but are much safer.

We do not want to annoy you and bring you to a dead end with an avalanche of mind-bending information. We’ll try to explain to you how SARMs work without using obscure terms.

If you dream of a great muscular body, you probably know already that it’s all about the hormones. You are absolutely right. They transmit the message to your cells to make:

  • Muscles begin to grow;
  • The fat begin to burn.

We are incapable of controlling the function of hormones, while SARMs are, at least, in part. SARMs activate the androgen signals transmission. Your muscles begin to grow, and fats are burned, because they receive appropriate signals.

SARMs affect the hormones in the body in a very specific way, and they affect only certain cells. SARMs provide the same positive effect over the muscles and strength, as the anabolic steroids do, yet the former don’t cause the general unwanted side effects, which the latter usually cause.

Use of SARMs allows maximizing the training results, while minimizing side effects. This is the main reason bodybuilders and athletes resort to the use of SARMs in order to change their body structure and improve efficiency.

The number of muscles that you get with SARMs can vary depending on many factors, including which product you choose. Yet, you can often hear how athletes gain up to 10 kilograms of muscle mass.

SARMs stimulate the body to work as if it were in the starvation mode. This forces the body break down fat cells to use for energy. As a result, the amount of adipose tissue in the body reduces significantly.

Are SARMs safe?

Let’s face it, SARMs shows a very high potential as a replacement for typical steroids. But let’s talk not only about efficiency, but also about safety.

We are not here to trade lies. We will be very honest. Scientists simply without knowledge are enough to say that SARMs 100% safe. However, then the same, they can say about any medicine.

We would like to talk about what’s really been discovered. SARMs improve the body, increase muscle mass, and at the same timereduces the risk of prostate problems. In addition, SARMs do not turn into dihydrotestosterone and estrogen, do not toxic to the liver and does not reduce the production of testosterone.

Are SARMs legal/illegal?

While reading reviews about SARMs in 2019, you may come to a conclusion that the new steroid-like pills are a perfect supplement for bodybuilders. It definitely sounds too good to be true, but is it so? What does science say?

Although they are already commercially available, SARMs are still at the testing and research phase for various conditions, pathologies and diseases. Officially, they are not yet approved by government regulatory agencies, such as the FDA and the EMA, but, apparently, this will happen in the near future.

The FDA claims that they are concerned with dishonest companies selling products for bodybuilding, which contain potentially dangerous substances. The FDA warns that SARMs anabolic supplements are unapproved substances, which are currently under testing.

The FDA statements do have certain portion of truth. It is wrong to say that SARMs are 100% safe. After all, when you use any powerful medicine, it is quite possible that your body response differs from the one you expected it to be.

At the same time, there is already a lot of evidence that SARMs are much safer than steroids, which are also banned, but are used by athletes in unbelievable quantities. If the choice is steroids or SARMs, analyze all the pros and cons, and make your choice.

From the legal perspective, powerful anabolic substances are belong to the gray zone. Therefore, you can not order SARMs on Amazon or other major online stores. However, if you are willing to find some references about the new steroid-like substances, you can easily find them online.

What are substandard SARMs supplements?

Given the lack of an official status, many SARMs supplements are not what their manufacturers claim them to be. If you order SARMs online with unverified sources, be ready for the following unconformities:

  • The product does not contain any anabolic substances.
  • Doses will be significantly lower than those indicated on the label.

Unscrupulous companies are aware of the low quality of their products. They are simply interested in making a profit, rather than anything else.

It is very important to buy SARMs only in places you can trust. Do some research. Read the news, check the forums, search for “Where to buy SARMs for bodybuilding” on Reddit or another source, to find a reliable seller.

How to take SARMs?

One of the most amazing benefits of SARMs is that you do not need syringes or needles to take them. They are intended for oral administration, which is much more convenient, than steroids.

The key point to be considered is the fact that the half-life of most SARMs ranges from 16 to 36 hours (on average 24 hours). So, you do not need to worry about the complex intra-weekly dosing differences. Dosage regimen of SARMs is very simple and straightforward:

  • One dose per day, with or without food.
  • Take an approx. 24-hour break between the doses.

The amount of SARMs that you need to take will vary and depend on:

  • Your goals.
  • Type of the steroid-like substance.

A typical dose is 5-20 mg per day. To improve the results, SARMs are usually used for 4-12 weeks.

Some studies show that SARMs are not as effective for building the muscle mass and increasing strength, as traditional steroids are. However, they work better than creatine and other natural substances. Therefore, many athletes use different anabolic substances at different stages of their training programs.

If you use SARMs before, during or after steroid cycles, the dosing regimen may need adjustment.

Is it possible to stack SARMs?

Yes, you can stack SARMs, but you need to adjust the dosage, when you do so. To be sure that you maximize your results and minimize the risk of adverse reactions, stack SARMs, which complement each other’s action.

You do not have to mix the anabolic substances on your own. Best SARMs triple stack are already available for sale at very attractive prices.

What is Ostarine?

Recent research on substances that act on androgen receptors has led to the appearance of innovative drugs, such as Ostarine. Considering its high benefits, it has a great potential for use, compared with similar drugs.

If you want to buy SARMs Ostarine, note that this product may be sold under the following alternative names:

  • MK -2866
  • Enobosarm.

Ostarine belongs to the class of SARMs. It is one of the most popular steroid-like products, available on the market.

A distinctive feature of supplements, containing Ostarine, is that they are believed one of the mildest and safest SARMs.

You will not see immediate results before and after using Ostarine. However, if you read the Ostarine reviews, you will understand why it is so popular in bodybuilding.

Effects of Ostarine use for men and women:

  • Effective fat burning;
  • Pronounced increase in lean muscle mass;
  • Cholesterol level lowering;
  • Strengthening of bones and restoration of damaged joints;
  • Increase in performance and endurance.

You can see for yourself that Ostarine has a number of advantages over other SARMs. However, it is important to keep in mind that they will not bring a positive result without a proper nutrition and exercise program.

Depending on the dosage, Ostarine can be used for both cutting and bulking. The duration of an Ostarine cycle is 8-12 weeks.

Due to high reliability and low risk of side effects, you can stack Ostarine with almost any other SARMs or anabolic steroids.

What is LGD 4033?

LGD 4033 is an innovative drug, which belongs to the SARMs class and exerts an effective influence over:

  • Muscle growth;
  • Increase in stamina, speed and strength.

The action of LGD 4033 in many ways resembles the effect of steroid use. However, compared with them, LGD 4033 almost does not cause side effects.

The fact that LGD 4033 has been developed to treat the diseases, made it very popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Although research continues, LGD 4033 is already well-studied SARMs.

LGD 4033 is produced in the form of a liquid or solid medication. You can choose:

  • Caps
  • Tabs
  • Solution

LGD 4033 is always used orally. The duration of an LGD cycle is up to 6 – 10 weeks.

If you want to buy SARMs LGD 4033, note that this product may be sold under alternative names, one of which is:

  • Ligandrol.

Keep in mind that clinical trials on LGD 4033 are still ongoing. However, we can already check out the reviews about best SARMs LGD 4033. People claim that they have gained up to 10 kilograms of muscles and look much fuller than before.

You will notice results before and after using LGD 4033, if you choose the right exercise program and a high protein diet.

Other SARMs

The following list will help you recognize SARMs, which often have different names:

  • S-22 or S22
  • YK-11 (YK-11-OA)
  • YK-500 or YK500
  • RAD-140 or RAD140
  • S-4 or S4 (Andarine and GTX-007).

These are less popular SARMs. However, the number of people who use them is constantly growing. They have not passed all clinical trials, but are already banned in professional sports.

SARMs enlisted above increase the anabolic activity in muscles and bones, while reducing muscle exhaustion and destruction of bones at the same time.

The list of other products, which are sold as SARMs, are the following:

  • SR-9009
  • Ibutamoren
  • L 163,191
  • GW-501516 (Cardarine, Endurobol, GSK-516 and GW-1516)
  • MK-677 or MK-0677 or MK677.

Most of these products are still under testing and research phases. Clinical trials of some of them were stopped or discontinued for a number of reasons. Nevertheless, they are widely sold online.

Despite their high potential, these products may not always be a real alternative to steroids. If you, however, are interested in any specific effect or multiple effects (increase in endurance, acceleration of the growth hormone synthesis, acceleration of lipolysis, or others), they can be a suitable choice.

Side effects

In general, SARMs offer three key benefits:

  • The decrease in fat mass;
  • Increase in muscle mass;
  • Increase in bone mass.

Can SARMs Carry risks of side effects? Yes they can.

Due to the fact that the active ingredients do not interrelate with enzymes, which convert testosterone into hazardous compounds, the use of SARMs is safer than of steroids, though less effective. The use of steroid-like substances has several disadvantages, which should be considered, when making decisions about SARMs use.

The negative effects of SARMs use include:

  • Mood swings;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Cholesterol imbalance;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Decreased testosterone levels.

Similar effects (only more intense) occur when you use most steroids. To minimize the negative impact of SARMs or steroids on your body, you need to take some supplements, which support health and improve well-being.

It is clear that the use of these substances should NOT be taken thoughtlessly, because they have a powerful action.

However, given the competitive nature of the fitness industry, fitness professionals can use SARM, hormones, testosterone, or a number of other substances to demonstrate their best qualities.

Where to buy SARMs?

It is unlikely you will find steroid – like pills in the nearest pharmacy. There is nothing surprising. Clinical trials of most SARMs are not yet completed. Therefore, drugs are not available for sale in pharmacies.

By the way, you can become a participant in clinical trials. You will use SARMs for research, and will get paid for it. Perhaps, this is not the best option, given that you will be given a low dose.

As you know, steroid-like products are not marketed as “traditional” supplements or medications. However, you can always buy SARMs online. We are not saying that you should or should not buy them, we simply describe current situation of the market in this field.

There are quite a few SARMs on the market, and some of them are stronger and have a higher risk of side effects than others do. Some of them become real bestsellers, which will never leave the market.

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