Glutamic acid

You are concerned about your cognitive health and want to increase your productivity?

Tired at work or school because of the large intellectual loads?

You travel often?

Learn, what is Glutamic acid and what effects it has on the brain!

What is Glutamic acid

Glutamic acid (L-Glutamic or otherwise Glu) is not a chemical compound.

Glutamine and its metabolites are organic substances that play an important role in the biosynthesis of proteins and neurons in the human brain.

Together with other substances, such as Pyroglutamic acid or BCAA amino acids (Valine), Glutamic acid contributes to the activation of brain neurotransmitters.

The main advantage of Glutamic acid is the wide range of its activities.

What does Glutamic acid do

Glutamic acid is responsible for brain activity and transmission of impulses between the neurons in the brain.

Thus, Glutamic acid stimulates the correct functioning of the brain and contributes to:

  • Mental activity enhancement
  • Efficiency increase
  • Mood improvement.

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Glutamic acid is metabolized in a human body in Glutamate decarboxylase (also known by the acronym GAD), which protects the brain from harmful effects of ammonia and other toxins, and supports the correct function and activity of the neurons.

Glutamic acid also helps the brain adapt to changes in synaptic structure, external environment and be resistant to harmful factors, like stress.

Such action of Glutamic acid contributes to:

  • brain health strengthening
  • cognitive function improvement
  • memory and learning acceleration.

Maintaining an optimal level of Glutamic acid in the body is required for improving the cognitive functions.

Side effects of Glutamic acid

High doses of Glutamic acid may cause such side reactions, as agitation, irritability, and hyperactivity.

So, avoid abusing bio-additives with Glutamic acid and follow the dosage recommended in the instructions for their use.

In therapeutic doses, Glutamic acid helps to improve learning and language function in children with autism.

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Glutamic acid allows saving and maintaining spatial memory in older people without degenerative diseases.

How do the smart pills with Glutamic acid work

  • promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters
  • retard aging and destruction of nerve cells
  • influence the production, health, and differentiation of the neurons.

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