Generic Modafinil

Detailed Information about Provigil Alternatives

If you still have doubts whether to buy generic Modafinil or not, consider further information. Provigil is a brand medication that contains Modafinil as an active component. The treatment course is prescribed to improve multiple sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep problems, excess daytime sleeping, sleep apnea and others.

Besides, the drug is a well-known and appreciated medicine to improve mental abilities, focus, concentration, alertness, mood, etc. The wakefulness action of the treatment is achieved through its potent impact on the central nervous system and brain. Affecting these vital body organs and processes Modafinil boosts the stimulating effect, allowing the body to keep awake and energized much longer.

In the USA the medication is sold by the famous and time-tested pharmaceutical company Provigil. The medication is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance and cannot be sold without a prescription. Additionally, a patient can receive it only if he/she suffers from sleep related disorders. The legal status of Modafinil differs depending on the country, so it can be taken with and without prescription in diverse areas.

Key Differences between Generic and Brand Modafinil

Selecting from prescription Provigil and generic non-prescription Modafinil available on the Internet one should compare these two variants and select the most appropriate one. It is vital to remember that Provigil can be officially taken only by people who suffer from sleep problems, such as narcolepsy, excess sleeping and others. Contrary to the brand pill, generic Modafinil can be taken as a powerful stimulant that increases numerous cognitive processes, increases concentration, memory, alertness, wakefulness.

Additionally, Modafinil is actively taken by athletes to boost endurance and physical performance. Due to the drastic influence on the central nervous system the medication produces, the organism can keep energized and toned for a longer period of time.

Another crucial discrepancy between brand Modafinil and generic is the cost. While all the brand Modafinil variants, irrespective of the country they are made in, contain the same formula and the same ingredient. An overwhelming majority of customers cannot afford such an expensive treatment. An approximate value of a 30-day course ranges from $1,000 to $1,500, while a customer can buy the same safe and effective generic Modafinil at $600-$1,000.

Despite all the benefits of generic Modafinil, its purchase definitely has a couple of significant risks. The most important of them is low-quality treatment that produces no positive effects, only new symptoms. Though, the situation is not that bad since there is a great number of time-tested, approved and trustworthy manufacturers that make quality generic Modafinil.

Well-Known Generic Modafinil Brands

Search the Internet for reviews and feedback before the purchase and make sure you are shopping for a dependable medication. Modalert is a great example of such generic Modafinil variant. Although the patented Cephalon formula is not used in the medication, it is appreciated as a safe and effective treatment. Its seller, Sun Pharmaceuticals, has earned a perfect reputation, providing high-quality, safe and effective drugs. Modafinil is also known under other names, including Provake, Modafil, Modapro, Resotyl, Alertex, Zalux, Mentix and others.