GABA Supplements

Very often, anxiety and alertness hinder normal concentration at work.

Many psychological problems may be caused by a deficiency of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

If your work is accompanied by constant stress, then you need to buy supplements that contain GABA to overcome it.

Mechanism of action of GABA

GABA acts in our body as a brake for a variety of pathogens.

Normal concentrations of GABA allow us to stay active and motivated for mental and physical activity.

Yet, in the deficit of GABA brain function deteriorates, it becomes vulnerable to various psychological disorders, concentration and focus are broken.

GABA level in the body is rapidly falling under the conditions of frequent stress.

Under the pressure of psychological stress, our brain is destroyed more and more. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that GABA in its pure form can not be obtained from food.

If you want to normalize the brain activity and protect your brain from the harmful effects of psychological factors, you have a perfect solution – buy GABA supplements.

Their use will not only improve your cognitive functions, like mental, intellectual activity, the speed and volume of information processed, but will also protect the brain from the harmful effects of stress.

The most popular GABA derivatives

These are:

  • Gammalon;
  • Picamilon;
  • Phenibut;
  • Brain Calm.


Gammalon is the first GABA derivative drug.

It was developed in the 1960s in Japan. The main action of Gammalon is aimed at increasing the intensity of neural processes in the brain.

When using Gammalon, you may notice over time that your memory, thinking and reaction speed have gradually improved.

Gammalon is still used for improving mental activity.

Yet, its main drawback lies in the fact that GABA does not cross the blood-brain barrier, which is a barrier between the blood circulatory system and the brain.

So, the effect of Gammalon often develops slowly, and people need a relatively long course of its application to see the results.

The problem of most complete delivery of GABA in the brain cells was solved in 1970, when Picamilon drug was created.

The product is a combination of GABA with Nicotinic Acid.

Namely Nicotinic Acid or Niacin promotes a better absorption of GABA in the brain.


The main effects, exerted by Picamilon:

  • it stimulates the cerebral blood flow, thereby increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells, enhancing concentration, and improving mental activity;
  • normalizes blood pressure, after which the sense of fear and anxiety declines;
  • helps to improve mood and increase vitality.

Combined drug Phenibut

If Gammalon and Picamilon only provide GABA transportation into the brain, then the combined drug Phenibut also has a sedating effect. In addition to GABA, Phenibut also contains Phenylethylamine, which is the initial link in the connection of neural connections of the brain.

The main advantage of Phenibut is that it harmoniously combines an agent for improving cognitive functions and a tranquilizer.

Through the combination of GABA and Phenylethylamine, Phenibut has the following effects:

  • relieves nervous and emotional tension;
  • improves the cognitive functions of the brain;
  • has a vasodilatory effect, improves cerebral blood flow.

Brain Calm

Brain Calm is another GABA-containing combined product.

Just like Phenibut, Brain Calm helps improve mental activity, exerts a mild sedative effect and eliminates sleep problems.

In addition to GABA, Brain Calm contains Inositol and Glycine.

Inositol, or Vitamin B8, is an integral element in the structure of the brain cells.

Thanks to Inositol, we can memorize new information and focus on the important objects.

Glycine is involved in a clear and uninterrupted operation of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for the information transmission.

Side effects of GABA

The vast majority of GABA nutritional supplements differ by almost complete absence of side effects.

Adverse reactions will surely not occur, if you avoid interaction of GABA nutritional supplements with the nervous system stimulants, such as alcohol.

Where to buy GABA supplements

You may easily buy them online on Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers.

GABA supplements are very popular in the USA, but they may also be bought in the UK, India, Australia and many other countries.

GABA supplements will be an excellent complement to the intense mental activity.

They will help you cope with multitasking under strict deadlines and time pressure.

Supplements GABA should necessarily be bought by those, who need to get rid of depression, while retaining high productivity and intellectual abilities stimulation.

Advantages of using GABA dietary supplements

The advantages of using GABA dietary supplements:

  • increase mental capacity and all cognitive functions;
  • increase the stability and efficiency of brain cells and the nervous system;
  • eliminate the symptoms of psychological disorders gently and without negative consequences;
  • regenerate the neurons damaged due to stress.

If your work is inextricably bound to mental and emotional stress, you should certainly buy supplements with GABA.

They will be your perfect antidepressants that will enhance the intellectual potential of your brain at the same time.