From Chocolate to Burger

From chocolate to burger

What is the meaning of the signal that our body sends us through the irresistible desire to eat something harmful, and how to avoid it?

Weight gain is often a spontaneous thing. We suddenly decide to eat a chocolate bar before going to bed, grab a fast food meal after work or “snack through” the next season of “Game of Thrones” with a pack of chips.

And every time it’s so delicious! Payment for a sudden desire are tight jeans and guilt. And now the good news is that our body has good reasons for every such impulse and, knowing the essence of the problem, you can easily avoid the harmful impulse. Perhaps, your body is simply lacking some nutrients.

If You Want Chocolate…

This means: your body lacks MAGNESIUM, which is responsible for:

  • Energy production
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Muscle functions

This is especially true for those who regularly work out in the gym. In addition, the magnesium level naturally decreases in the premenstrual week, which is why we so unbearably want to eat a chocolate bar during PMS.

Choose instead:

  • 75% of cocoa

Chocolate with a low sugar content with at least 75% of cocoa. Or include in your diet, say, ordinary sunflower seeds.

If You Want Sweets…

This means: an abstract desire to have something sweet is a clear sign that you do not have enough energy. Sugar in this case is the simplest and an instant fuel for your cells. Especially after a long hard work or an exhausting stress.

Choose instead:

A quick way to recharge energy is to eat protein together with fats. For example, an apple with a handful of nuts or yogurt with berries. Unlike simple sugars, your cells will need a lot more time to expend this fuel.

If You Want Ice Cream…

This means: your body needs useful fat.

Choose instead:

As mocking as it may sound, you have to try and replace your favorite strawberry ice cream with a handful of walnuts or half an avocado. These contain a lot of healthy fats. In emergency situations – choose ice cream with coconut flavor. Traditionally it contains less sugar.

If You Want Salt…

water and lemonsThis means: the most obvious is that you are dehydrated. Salts helps keep water, so we want something salty so badly, when our body does not have enough liquid.

Choose instead:

Just have some water. Maintaining the level of hydration is important at any time of the year, and especially – with the approach of summer months.

If you find it difficult to drink a lot of simple water, just add mint, lemon slices or frozen fruit. If the trick with water did not work, and your hands themselves are reaching for French fries, try to find a less caloric alternative, say, chips from nori seaweed or sea kale.

If You Want A Burger…

This means: if you can not stop thinking about a red meat steak or a juicy burger, there is a great chance that you lack iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Choose instead:

good news – hamburgers also can be healthy and nutritious, provided they are made from farm meat, i.e. animals were fed without antibiotics and hormonal stimulation. Alternative – cottage cheese, peanuts, lentils, tuna.

If You Want Starcht Carbohydrates…

This means: an acute desire to eat a pasta or pizza for dinner is a SOS signal from your body. It urgently needs a serotonin hormone that improves mood.

Choose instead:

no jokes here – take a bath surrounded by candles and pleasant aromas. Another option is meditation. You will feel peaceful and calm, release bad thoughts and reduce sensitivity to stress. At the same time, you will protect your waist and hips from extra centimeters.