Female Muscle Growth ABCs

Female Muscle Growth

Stop treading water and hopelessly trying to find any signs of muscle growth on your body. Female muscle growth is not a myth, but all those myths around it hinder your success and change the rules of the game. Do what works!

Learn what exactly you need and how exactly you should proceed, so that your photo also appears in “Female muscle transformation” section of the Internet. Yes, we all can join the female part of humanity, whose muscle growth stories become templates for new generations of female body builders.

So, start building your body with an understanding of female muscle anatomy and processes, which make it more difficult for a female body builder to achieve the same muscle growth as we see in male athletes.

And keep reading to get perfects solutions, which aim muscle gain in women, for both winning a competition or simply getting a beach body to envy.

Why Female Muscle Growth is More Complicated, Compared to Males

The word complicated here actually means that it’s almost impossible for women to achieve the exact effectiveness in growing muscles that men achieve throughout the history of bodybuilding.

It isn’t exactly true, though.

You see, comparison of male and female athletes shows that female bodybuilders manage to gain less muscles by no more than 20%.

So, it’s not that bad, you know! It’s not half the volume after all.

Besides, women are lucky in terms of their own hormone production.

I can see your surprised face, because we always hear that women produce considerably less testosterone, compared to men, and this is the exact reason for their inability to beat the “strong part of humanity” in muscle gaining.

Here’s the catch.

While making less testosterone, women produce more HGH. Yes, the human growth hormone that many steroids users and athletes use to aid their muscle gain AND PAY GOOD MONEY FOR IT.

Besides, it is a well-known fact that women are the factories of estrogen, which is great for boosting the metabolic rate and preserving the muscles.

Put two and two together, and you see that low test levels are almost 100% compensated by two other hormones, which are delivered in larger quantities in women then they are in men.

So, no worries, ladies, you’re good to go and build those muscles – your body is your best ally!

Why Many Believe That Female Muscle Growth Equals to Loss of Gracefulness

Well, it’s because of all the photos and comics that we see when actually searching for female muscle growth on the Internet.

In fact, this section of female bodybuilding has become another fetish for both aiming for it and those enjoying the sight of STRONG women.

So, all we basically see is exaggerated muscle growth, which, indeed, can look scary for someone, whose only desire is to get a well-built money with some nice and sexy muscle definition.

If you do everything correctly, and use proper trainings along with other correct routines, you will become one of those female “muscle monsters”.

Unless it is your final goal.

But that it a completely different story.

We are here to reach a high-quality female muscle growth, which will become a foundation either for maintaining a harmonious body, or for further muscle growth to the desirable volumes.

And reaching the first enlisted goal DOES imply doing strength exercises – leave your fear of bulky pumped looks, because these are achieved though extremely strenuous and serious training sets, which are not intended for anyone who is not planning to compete.

Besides, the hulk-look in women mostly results from serious devotion to steroids and various supplements for female bodybuilding.

Of course, you can look bulky and BIG if you carry plenty of excess fat on you.

You see, the lower the fat percentage in the body – the leaner and more gracefully you look.

Besides, having less than 20% of fat allows you to gain the desired shape and stop increasing the training weights at the moment you think that you reached your goal.

So the best formula for obtaining a harmonious, sexy and healthy body in women would sound like this:

Female muscle growth + Body fat decrease

Otherwise, the results might not make you as happy as you wished, so you will have to work from all the sides and you will need to work HARD.

But nothing is impossible!

Why Female Muscle Growth is More Effective Than the Trendy “Cardio + Low Calorie Diet” Combo

We all heard thousands of times that to lose weight we need to “Eat less and move more”.

Usually, when it comes to women, the main trendy tips that you get are:

  1. “Reduce your calorie intake to less than 1000 calories/day” – which means starving and supplying your body with sufficient fuel to build any muscles, or to have sufficient energy for daily activities.
  2. “Opt for cardio trainings and avoid heavy weights” – which will work for some time for those leading a sedentary lifestyle, and will do almost nothing in terms of body building.

The result of this combo in action?

Low muscle percentage, still high body fat level, low energy and skin tone, high probability of caving in and gaining back all the fat lost (without gaining back the muscles lost, which means an even difficult further weight loss progress).

Do you like the sound of these? Well, it’s your choice.

Just so you know… the more muscle you have, the faster your body burns the calories that you consume, the more calories your body needs for simple everyday tasks (hence even more active fat loss).

So, if you are looking for a RESULT in the MIRROR, and not just on the scales, then you need to get serious and work in the right direction.

Which is it? Read on and you’ll know.

What You Need to Do to Actually Build Muscles (While Improving Your Body Fat Level and Overall Fitness Level)

Without wanting to sound boring, I still have to repeat these commonly known (yet rarely observed) rules for a proper muscle building in women:

Pay Attention to Your Nutrition

Fitness NutritionThis covers both aspects the calories consumed during the day and the right combination of nutrients in your menu.

As already mentioned, starving yourself will not work, if you’re aiming a well built, strong and healthy body.

Building muscle requires ensuring your body with sufficient fuelling.

The funny thing is that most beginners do their best to stay under 1200 calories a day and boast off when they manage to stay under 1000.

During the first week, your body is shocked, and parts with retained water, a small amount of fat and some muscles.

Seeing lowering numbers on the scales, most dieters consider their way the right way and decide to add some exercising – to boost the progress.

Which ends in one of the following scenarios:

  1. Complete stop of weight loss
  2. Further REALLY slow weight loss and condition close to fainting
  3. A huge cave in with obvious pangs of conscience and a new start into the same routine


You will lose more fat and gain muscles, if your daily menu allows your body do that.

Of course, reaching 1800 calories a day doesn’t mean that you should stuff up with everything you see, be it burger and fries or a piece of cake with two scoops of ice cream.

You’re not preparing for the marathon, so don’t eat every day like you’re in a carbo-loading regime.

No, you don’t need that.

The amount of carbs, proteins and healthy fats in your diet should comply with your body needs, based on your body weight.

Yes, the carbs come first, because most of us tend to limit themselves in carbs, thus allegedly saving their bodies from any additional fat level increase.

And this is WRONG.

You see, high intensity exercises take over 70% of energy namely from the carbs, and this includes the ones in the form of glucose available in the bloodstream and those that are deposited in the form of glycogen in your skeletal muscles, liver cells and other body organs and tissues, including your brain.

The blood glucose, namely over 50% of it, is consumed by your brain, so creating its deficiency results in worsening of your brain functions and such unpleasant body reactions as brain fog, headaches, and, the drawback that we are especially worried for, decreased performance.

Yes, it will be more difficult for you to exercise, if your body is not fueled with carbohydrates at a sufficient level, so you will obviously burn less calories and build less muscles.

So now you know that you do need carbs (of course, the healthy ones, like greens, vegetables, fruits and whole grains), if you want to actually achieve your fat loss and muscle growth goals.

However, there is no single solution that fits all, when it comes to the amount of carbs you need daily.

Here, you need to apply a formula, which is not that complicated, yet requires regular re-calculation, as your weight changes.

To make it easier for yourself and skip calculations, you can simply use a TDEE calculator, which are plenty on the Internet, and do the recalculations and menu adjustments on a weekly basis, thus improving your progress even more.

Just keep in mind that every macronutrient has its caloric value, and it goes as follows:

  • Carbohydrates = 4 calories
  • Proteins = 4 calories
  • Fats = 9 calories

Since high-protein diets are proven to up the amount of energy used, it is wise to aim for the amount of proteins that the researchers suggested during the mentioned trials.

And the amount of 30% of the total daily food intake.

So, if your goal calorie intake is 1800 calories per day, 540 of them should come from protein, i.e. 135 grams.

What about the carbohydrates, which, as we already know, are very important for muscle building?

This research tells us that the energy expenditure is higher on a high-protein diet, and the macroelements ratio used during the trial were as follows:

  • Protein – 30%
  • Carbohydrates – 40%
  • Fats – 30%

So, getting back to our 1800 calories a day, we get 135 grams of protein, 60 grams of fats and 180 grams of carbs.

Now let’s proceed with the second important female muscle growth factor.

Pay Attention to Your Exercising

DO NOT be afraid of strength exercises!!!

Woman Strength Exercises

The best strategy is to find a professional Personal Trainer, who will help you develop a comprehensive training plan, based on your current body and health condition, as well as your goals and life schedule.

It is important to keep going on a regular basis.

Keep in mind! Training to faint one day and skipping trainings for the rest of the week will do no good to your muscle growth progress.

You need to stay consistent and you need to just about till you feel like you can’t do it no more, but are still alive and capable of getting out of bed tomorrow, with that pleasant muscle soreness, which tells you that you outreached your powers the day before.

Then, you need to allow your body REHAB after the training.

DO NOT hit the gym each and every single day, if your goal is to build muscles, woman!

Make sure that you allow your body rest at least 24 hours between the two trainings.

Bottom line

Nutrition and training schedule are not the only things that affect female muscle growth intensity.

Proper sleeping cycle and water consumption also contribute to a fast muscle growth.

What you need to keep in mind is that your body is a complex mechanism and you have to make sure that each and every part of it is engaged in building new muscles and getting rid of unwanted fat deposits.

Nuanced approach, consistency and strong will are the main keys to a perfect healthy female body.