Fast weight loss tricks

Lose Weight Correctly

In our time, thinness is considered the standard of beauty. However, most of us are still unaware how to lose weight properly.

Not extremely fast, without harm to health, namely correctly – leading your body to a balanced state.


Five simple rules for a correct and effective weight loss

Rule no. 1: Do not aim to lose weight extremely fast

Just do not force events!

Is your goal a loss of 5-7 kg per week?

Be aware that it is impossible to lose so much weight without harming your health.

First, your weight will come back within the shortest time, because your body will work in compensation mode.

If you lose weight quickly, then you gain it quickly again, once you return to your usual diet.

Therefore, the only guarantee to lose weight so that it does not come back – it is a smooth systematic approach.

No, we did not mean that you will get anorexia or bulimia if you try an extreme weight loss.

It’s about the physical exhaustion, which is a true pal of a fanatical desire to lose weight quickly.

Rule no. 2: Avoid the main weight loss mistake

When your weight reduces fast, you lose the muscle mass, rather than fat.

To lose weight properly without losing the muscle mass, you need to decrease the body fat level.

Any professional trainer will explain you how to distribute the load properly.

Though, it usually comes down to a simple formula: keep to a high-protein diet and focus on cardio.

A competent trainer will choose the best physical activities to diversify the training process.

To form muscle definition, people are usually recommended the functional training, while focusing on certain body proportions requires adding strength trainings.

Rule no. 3: Choose foods, which accelerate metabolism

This means any foods, which contain large amounts of protein.

It is also believed that you can accelerate your metabolic rate by consuming grapefruit and fiber.

Rule no.4: Combine weight loss drugs with physical loads correctly

Before a cardio workout, you can use BCAA amino acids mixture, which is rapidly absorbed.

Our body is made of amino acids and protein.

If their level is sufficient, we are in a great shape, with strong muscles.

L-carnitine can be used for fat burning, yet it will work only if its levels are insufficiently low, so its consumption fills the reserves.

Rule no. 5: Keep to the balanced weight loss scheme

The best idea is to address a nutritionist and a professional trainer and ask for a comprehensive weight loss program.

These can differ from person to person, from a professional to professional.

Example 1:

You engage into interval workouts 3-4 times a week and keep to a specific dieting regimen, e.g. protein-carbohydrate alternation.

It implies that you eat just the protein foods for three days, and on the fourth, you eat only the carbs.

Thus, muscle mass does not disintegrate during this diet.

The number of protein-carbohydrate days is chosen individually for each person by his trainer and nutritionist.

Example 2:

You constantly consume a certain number of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, in proportions of 40% protein, 20% fat and 20% slow carbohydrates.

How to find weight loss motivation

Every day, you give yourself a promise to go on a popular weight loss diet and go to the gym to burn fat, but eventually, you forget about all the promises all without even moving from the spot? It’s all about weight loss motivation…

Or, more precisely, its absence. How many times have you started to fight those extra kilos and were throwing this venture, replacing healthy food to snacking with colleagues and a pizza with friends in the evenings? Most likely, this is because you do not understand why you need to follow a weight loss diet. That’s when motivation will come in handy!


Make a photo gallery about how you would want to look like in a few months after you started leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

An album on your phone, a separate folder on the desktop, on the social network page, posters in the bedroom, kitchen and even toilet. These may be the photos of actresses, models or simply beautiful girls, who inspire and make you think that it is time to change and begin to work on yourself.

Take photos

Take a photo of yourself on your phone or camera in your underwear.

First, the photo will show you your body without any embellishments.

Secondly, a few weeks or months later, comparing the photos before and after the diet and exercising, you will be stunned with how you’ve changed. Not the scales or clothing, but the photo is the best indicator of your success. As well as one of the most effective motivators.

Say “No”

Most often, our plans on changing our lifestyle and eating regime break down at the first holiday celebration at home or work. “Come on, what’s with the diet?!” – tell colleagues or relatives, urging you to eat a piece of cake.

Learn to politely refuse the offered delicacies. As a last resort, take healthy and useful snacks for such holidays and birthdays. The same goes for training. If your friends call you in a cafe or at a birthday party, do not give up on the planned exercise. Do not be afraid if you will go to the party later than the rest.

Praise yourself

Learn to praise yourself even for the most insignificant results. Let this be a pleasant shopping or a trip to the beauty salon for a manicure and styling.

Do yourself a praise piggy bank. And the amount that you are willing to “praise yourself” with, may range depending on each small victory.

Reward yourself for every kilogram lost and uneaten cake, for each additional approach go on the fitness device. Once a week pick up the reward and spend the amount for your hobbies.

Avoid routine

To become the owner of a beautiful body, you do not necessarily have to go to the gym 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Look for something that will give you the opportunity to not only lose weight fast, but will also bring you joy.

Alternate your gym workouts with dance lessons, snowboarding, jumping on a trampoline. This is both useful and fun!

Nine simple things to make weight loss fast and effective

You want to get rid of extra pounds and you eat properly, but excess weight for some reason reduces slowly. However, just proper food is not enough.

What to do to lose weight faster?

After winter, many people gain extra pounds. As a result, before summer comes, these people desperately try to lose 5 or even 10 kilos in just a month or two. A person starts to be on strict diets and exhausts himself in the gym. But what about those who have no opportunity to go to the gym? Here are simple advice for every day.

Dance while brushing your teeth

It is very tedious to brush teeth within 3 minutes, as the dentists advise. Nevertheless, you can select a music track on your mobile phone or player that lasts 3 minutes. This will be not only more fun, but also more useful. Thus, you will simultaneously wake up and spend unnecessary calories.

Put on makeup standing

To apply makeup in the morning, a woman spends at an average of 15-20 minutes. This is as much as 60 hours per month. If women put makeup on standing, this will not only help to fight excess weight, but also will be an excellent prevention of vascular and heart diseases.

Go to the bus stop earlier

Such a useful habit will help not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to warm-up muscles, to accelerate blood circulation, especially in the pelvic and abdominal area, as well as to improve nutrition of the skin, heart, lungs and brain. It is advisable to walk fast, but if you are tired, you can slow down the pace for 5 minutes, and then again go quickly. Acting in this way, you can lose 4 kilograms of excess weight for 2 weeks without changing your diet.

Go to the supermarket in a proper way

Evenly distribute weight of purchases walking out of the supermarket. For example, in order to burn three extra calories per minute and strengthen muscles of the arms, legs, as well as gluteal muscles, take 1 kilogram of any product in one hand, and 1 kilogram – in other hand, or do the same with a liter of water when walking out of the supermarket. So you will build your biceps while walking, evenly distributing the gravity.

Cook standing

Many women and men cook (peel vegetables) while sitting. However, if to do this standing, then it will be a great benefit for the figure.

Things on the top shelf

Things that you use every day, for example, cutlery and dishes, as well as clothing will help you get rid of extra pounds. Just pot them to the uppermost shelves of the kitchen or storage cupboard. Thus, each time to take a fork or knife, as well as a sweater, you will need to stand on a stool. This is an excellent exercise to lose extra pounds on your hips and burn extra calories.

Washing the floors

Experts have estimated that the person spends 120 kilocalories during washing floors without a mop for 10 minutes, and this in turn is equivalent to riding a bicycle for 14 minutes.

Switch channels without using the remote control

Come to the TV every time you need to switch the channel. If you often sit at the computer, unplug the printer, computer and scanner from the outlet every day, this will help not only to save electricity and your money, but also to make you bend each time to turn on and off additional equipment.

Chatter on the phone with benefit

Most women love to chat on the phone. If herewith you go around the house, wipe dust, mirrors or walk outside, this will definitely give good results. During continuous movement for an hour, often women talk on the phone during this time, you will not only chat with your friend, but also will be able to burn extra calories.

Three simple ways to boost metabolism for good

The nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas held an extensive study and came to the conclusion:

To achieve a gradual, continuous and effortless weight loss, it is enough to observe these three simple rules.

Way no. 1: Drink Correctly

Everybody heard about the need to drink two liters of water a day. At that, few people thought about when this water should be consumed. The nutritionist examined patients with different drinking regimens and found out that those who drank by the hour and mostly in the first half of the day managed to lose more weight.

Optimal regimen that Lyn-Genet recommends is as follows:

  • a glass of water on an empty stomach,
  • a glass of water at 11 o’clock,
  • then a glass every 2 hours,
  • try not to drink any water after 18:00.

Way no. 2: Decrease The Cortisol Level

Cortisol is the hormone of stress, which triggers false appetite. To reduce it, your need to add to your menu such foods, as:

Optimal regimen that Lyn-Genet recommends is as follows:

  • spinach,
  • tomatoes,
  • almonds,

If you include these foods in each lunch, the satiety will last longer, you will want to eat less for dinner. As a bonus, you get less gas formation and improved digestion.

Way no. 3. Train Less Often

It is easy to imagine how surprise many people look after reading Rule no. 3, yet Lyn-Genet managed to prove this statement. In their desire to lose weight, many people reach the point, where thy train in the gym twice a day, and then are surprised that the weight does not want to leave.

Optimal regimen that Lyn-Genet recommends is as follows:

Keep in mind that each training is a stress. And what our body produces under stress? Cortisol – that is correct! If you train less, you get less cortisol. The optimum training mode is as follows:

  • 2 (maximum 3) workouts per week that last no more than an hour.

Fifteen Secrets Of Slender People

So, you are fond of delicious foods and dream about a slim body?

Even if you did gain a few extra kilograms, it’s not so difficult to get rid of them.

Follow our recommendations – and you will always be in a great shape.

Secret no. 1: They Drink Water

Yes, yes, again with the water drinking. Just so you know, anyone who drinks 0.5 liters of water half an hour before meals, burns 30 calories, doing nothing more for this. 2 liters of water per day, respectively, burn 120 kcal.

Secret no. 2: They Go Rope Jumping

In half an hour, you can burn 350 calories. Yet, you have to jump with a frequency of 120 jumps per minute, not less.

Secret no. 3: They Drink An Espresso Before A Walk

If you have the drink before an aerobic exercise, caffeine will help burn more fat on the treadmill.

However, you can drink coffee (naturally, without sugar and cream), and then take a walk in the park for a couple of hours. You’ll get the same effect.

Secret no. 4: They Eat Grapefruit

Two slices of grapefruit after a meal will help you get rid of excess fat. Remember to eat it without sugar.

Secret no. 5: They Lower The Calories

Minimize animal fats in your diet:

  • fry in vegetable oil,
  • eat low-calorie cheese,
  • consume chicken without skin.

Secret no. 6: They Press The Points

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: when you are really hungry, squeeze your thumb and middle finger 3 times, and hunger will pass.

Secret no. 7: They Drink Green Tea

You had meat for dinner? Have a cup of hot green tea. It will help your body cope with the load.

Secret no. 8: They Have Water “Massage” Sessions

Offer yourself a great SPA-procedure while watering your garden: douche with water from a hose. Helps with cellulite!

Secret no. 9: They Allow Themselves Some Wine

A glass of red wine (not more than 85-100 ml) during a plentiful feast improves digestion.

It is important though not to get carried away with the drink. Otherwise, in addition to unpleasant sensations, the next day you will find unwanted excess weight.

Secret no. 10: They Do Not Forget About The Watercress

Eat a handful of it every day. It is great for boosting your metabolism.

Secret no. 11: They Have Turbo Drinks

  • Cocktail, prepared on the basis of egg white, burns fat perfectly. Whisk the egg white with milk and drink for dinner.
  • Tomato-cranberry drink will help you get rid of toxins. Mix half a cup of cranberries, half a tomato and a teaspoon of honey in a blender.

Secret no. 12: They Cut The Soda

In hot weather, you want to quench your thirst with something sweet with bubbles. You will have to give up this bad habit.

First, sweet water increases your blood sugar level. Fast carbohydrates are instantly digested and converted into fat.

Secondly, carbon dioxide stimulates gastric secretion and increases appetite.

Thirdly, it is impossible to quench thirst with soda, so you want more and more of it.

Secret no. 13: They Prefer Raspberry Sorbet

Blend in a mixer 250 g of raspberries, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 250 g of dietary yogurt.
Place in the fridge for half an hour, and then enjoy. Sorbet only has 25 kcal.

Secret no. 14: They Twist The Pedals

Combine the useful and the pleasant. In weekends, move around the city by bicycle.

An hour of cycling at a fast pace helps you burn 600 calories.

Secret no. 15: They Make It Hot

It is enough to eat a small piece of chili pepper to trigger a 3-hour fat burning regime.

5 simple steps to a beautiful body

So, it turns out that life is not that scary, is it?

The personal fitness consultant of Christina Aguilera and other American celebrities, Ashley Borden, has drawn five steps that can help any woman achieve success in creating a beautiful body.

Step 1

Determine the shape you would like to have. You may want to look through a glossy magazine, consider the figures of the stars and select the one that you like.

It is important to be a realist and understand clearly that the selected type corresponds to your physical data. This simple and pleasant experience can help you make sure that your goal is achievable.

Step 2

Find a partner for joint exercises. When training, for example, together with a friend, you will control each other. Together, it will be easier for you to force yourself not to miss classes and, thus, you will lose weight achieve their goals faster.

Step 3

Get engaged into the sports activities gradually. Avoid exhausting yourself with this new load over your body. Otherwise, you might stop exercising almost on the second day, and this will certainly be a very negative obstacle on your weight loss goal. Let your body get used to the changes.

Step 4

Pay particular attention to your diet. By reducing the intake of calories, you will help your body get rid of unwanted body fat.

Step 5

Go to your target step by step. Assess both your successes and failures. Appoint interim tasks and goals that are easier to achieve. This will help you not to get discouraged though the failure to reach a global result immediately. Yet, very soon you will notice that your body became exactly the way you wanted it to be.

Seven Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

Finally, we got to the simple tricks, which you can use every day to get rid of those extra kilos without really having a strong willpower. This is not entirely correct. Instead of direct violence against oneself, it is more effective to use psychological tricks, which will make this process more natural.

Trick no. 1: Small Dishware

Many of us are used since childhood that it is bad to leave food half-eaten on a plate, at least a lot of it.

And when the plate is empty, it is a signal that the meal is over. Even if you want more at that moment (although you remember about 20 minutes and about “getting up with a feeling of mild hunger”!), you need to make an effort to fill the plate for the second time. This is already a second portion.

Trick no. 2: Small Pieces

The pleasure you get from eating half of the chocolate, and the pleasure you get from one or two “squares”, are approximately the same. If you buy and open a large package, a larger volume of the product will “vanish” faster.

Conclusion: buy smaller packages, divide food into small portions.

Trick no. 3: We Eat What We See

When delicious things are in sight, they are also consume at a higher speed. Do not hold snacks at hand, next to the computer, in the nearest drawer, or right on the dining table. Put them in such places that will require you getting up, walking, opening a lock…

Trick no. 4: We Eat What Is Convenient To Eat

This method continues the principle of the previous trick. When you impulsively want to “eat something”, you most likely eat something that does not need any preparation, right? You will not be so eager to cook something.

The more convenient it is to “throw into the furnace,” the sooner you do it. So try to ensure that you have as few of these “quick” products, as possible:

  • hot dogs,
  • cookies,
  • chocolate bars, etc.

Instead, prepare convenient snacks in advance. For example, wash, peel, cut into small pieces and put a fresh carrot in a lunch box.

Trick no. 5: The Games Of Volume

When food takes up more volume, your brain is satiated faster (yes, it does take part in the process almost more active than the stomach!). Therefore, soup is a very proper food from this point of view. It seems you have a lot of food, while most of the volume is liquid.

Trick no. 6: Make Your Meals Evident

In the course of psychological experiments, it is established that those who eat unnoticed, eat more (“as if nothing happened”). Make meals as obvious as possible. Thoroughly serve the table. Prepare as many tableware, as possible.

Do not take clean the table right away. All this sends signals: you already had lunch, enough! Nothing like this happens when you grab a sandwich “under the table.”

Trick no. 7: Enjoy Your Food

Being a gourmet and esthete is useful for your health and figure, and not bad. If you are savoring each bite, you will be satisfied much faster than eating fast, greedy and without chewing.

Pretend being a taster! Enjoy the view of the dish, its aroma, slowly try a little bit. The psychological component of the meal (“eat for pleasure”) is very important. It often becomes the cause of overeating:

  • We eat not so much because we are hungry, but because “we must please ourselves.”
  • In fact, you can achieve this goal with much less food eaten!

We did our best to offer you the list of all possible tips, tricks, recommendations and small secrets, which can help you lose weight. Fast or not? Depends on your body and your own efforts.

Make sure that you don’t fall to extremes and are always mindful of your health condition. Stay healthy!