How to Exercise at Home to Lose Weight

Fitness at home is a trend of the past few years. However, this occupation is not for the weak-willed people.

We have prepared some tips on how to properly organize home workouts so that they are of use, and your motivation is not lost with the first setback.

Select A Goal

No one in their right mind will wake up an hour early to turn the pedals or run through a dusty and unfriendly morning city. When it comes to doing weight loss exercises at home, it is very important to set a goal, which, in fact, can only have two variants:

  • muscular body
  • weight loss

Based on the goal chosen, you must develop a system of exercises, calculate the amount of time required to achieve a specific result, and determine the starting points for tracking the process of weight loss or, conversely, muscle mass building.

Choose A Training System

  • In accordance with the result you want to achieve, decide on the type of trainings. If your plans include a figure like the young Schwarzenegger’s, then you need strength exercises with weighting.
  • If the goal is to lose weight, then you need long cardio trainings.
  • If you want to slightly tone your body, you can choose 30-minute light trainings or the famous 7-minute workouts, which are made of a set of high intensity exercises that you have perform during the already mentioned 7 minutes.

Set The Training Schedule

Choose the time and days that suit you best, and do not skip trainings. Discipline is the most important thing when it comes to exercising. In the beginning it will be difficult to force yourself to take the prone position, when the couch, computer and TV are so close, but you always shave to remember the rule of 21 days.

Listen To Your Body

Do not start with a marathon race if you last used to wear a sports clothes back at school. Begin immersing your body in sports gradually. Otherwise, you can end up with sore muscles, sprains and other multiple injuries, which will only be discouraging.

Of course, never forget about the warm-up. At the initial stage, it is especially important, since your muscles should be warmed up after a long stagnation.

Make A Playlist

It’s better to not have your trainings with a TV on. News, videos, movies or worse, the series, will distract you from the sport itself. Better make up a vigorous playlist that will motivate and cheer you up.


You should drink during your trainings at regular intervals, regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not. During an intense training, your body temperature rises. Body begins to excrete sweat to balance the body’s temperature regime. This causes two problems at once:

  • dehydration and, as a consequence,
  • double load on your heart, since your blood begins to thicken, and it becomes much harder for the heart to pump it through and distribute it through the body.

Therefore, drinking during training is very important.

Observe The Eating Regime

The intervals between eating and training should be one and a half to two hours. It is better if the food is protein. This will help your body to easier cope with stress from increased physical activity and it will have a source of energy it needs. It is better to refuse carbohydrates at all.

Get Sportswear

At first glance, sportswear may seem like an unnecessary detail, especially if you are at home. Nobody sees you, which means you will not judge that you do squats in old leggings and slippers, you think.

This is an extremely wrongful approach. Sport is a stress for your body, so you need to create the most comfortable conditions for it, thus making exercising safe and effective.

Bad running shoes are fraught with an ankle dislocation, and synthetic clothing – with excessive sweating and lack of oxygen.

Find Like-minded People

If you understand that you will not be able to do it alone, and you will pity yourself until the last moment, postponing trainings for far-fetched reasons, find yourself a companion. It will be your motivation not to shirk. You do not want to seem like a limp rag in the eyes of your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend?