Effective methods of obesity treatment

Fight against obesity is a very difficult task, because a possibility of a gradual gain of excess weight is always high after cessation of a complex of medical measures. Methods of treating obesity are characterized by a variety of ways and means.

In all their diversity, they are all aimed at:

  • Food restriction, formation of proper eating habits, activities of behavior change and lifestyle, formation of food culture; appetite suppression by affecting food centers by medications; compliance with a diet – restriction of energy-intensive food and correction of diet, complete and partial fasting.
  • Restriction of absorption and digestion of nutrients by prescribing laxatives, poorly digestible coarse fiber products, cleansing enemas and even excision of a part of the intestine in order to reduce the absorption surface.
  • Increase in energy expenditure of the body by prescribing a variety of physical loads.
  • Strengthening the processes of fat splitting in adipose tissue, influence on the hormonal status of the body that is of great importance in formation and burning of fats and carbohydrates, removing excess water from the body by prescribing diuretics.
  • Complete and partial blockade, slowing or reorientation of metabolism to influence on mechanisms promoting obesity development.

It should be noted that despite a large variety of the proposed methods of treating obesity, none of them gives a lasting effect if it is not used for a long time, without large breaks. Searches of effective methods of fighting obesity continue.

At present, it is more expedient to approach the issue of combating obesity as a treatment of chronic disease, the aim of which is the maximum improvement of human health and long-term maintenance of his working capacity. Knowledge of causes and ways of developing obesity allows to state that therapy should help to stabilize or eliminate many pathological processes, and normalize metabolism, organ and system functions.

Long-term experience of clinical observations of doctors around the world gives reason to believe that it is impossible to achieve success by only one method of treatment nowadays. Complex therapy, whose program includes adherence to a low-calorie diet, formation of food culture (individual and family), behavioral activities, physical activities and other treatment methods, has become the most common among many ways to combat obesity.

What treatment methods were used in the past and are currently used?

  • health food
  • drug therapy
  • healing fitness
  • curative fasting
  • physical methods of treatment
  • psychotherapy
  • acupuncture
  • surgical treatment.

Therapeutic nutrition is the basis of the entire complex used to treat obesity. There are many different diets. Some of them become popular among young women, inclined to fatness, despite the fact that other trendy diets are considered to be inadequate in terms of nutrition science. Therefore, independent use of such diets without taking into account the chemical composition and energy value, as well as the body’s needs for food substances and energy, may cause irreparable harm to the human body.